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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Kimba Chellam Mutanda: Real Elements, Bio, Video, News, Discography

Kimba Mutanda
is a Malawian musician and composer. He was part of the famous Malawian group, Real Elements with Stix Kalilani and Q Malewezi. According to himself KIMBA means “Knowing I’m Born Able” Among other influences, Kimba recognises Danny (his brother) who had passion for music. On his profile, Kimba Mutanda makes a very interesting point: “Despite spending most of his life on the Afirecan continent it is difficult to decipher wether he is Malawian, Zambian, Kenyan, Danish, Brazilian, South African or British?”
Kimba Mutanda has collaborated on several tracks with South African music diva Kheti like Why don't you (which is on his Myspace Profile).
Kimba Mutanda sings about different issues affecting Malawi. This is especially demonstrated in the song Dearest Child (sung with Peter Mawanga, produced by Q), a song about a mother (Malawi) calling her children to go back to her. Kimba has also collaborated with Subsource, a UK punk rock band, and other Malawian artists like Dominant 1.
Among other works, Kimba has worked with different charity organisations to raise money to help Malawian children. He has also been an organiser of the renowned yearly Malawi Lake of Stars Festival.

Watch a Video of KIMBA Mutanda with Real Elements (These Elements)

Watch Kimba on a Lake of Stars Video

Kimba Mutanda's Myspace

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Perth Msiska: Miss Malawi, Information , News and Biography

Perth Perth Msiska is the current reigning Miss Malawi. She was born on January 15th, 1984 in Malawi. She has a degree in accounting, obtained from a Malawian college. Perth Msiska was appointed as the Malawi Tourism Ambassador by the Minister responsible of Tourism, Hon. Patricia Kaliati.
The 2008 Miss Malawi contest did not take place yet, meaning that that Msiska is still holding on to the title.
Perth wants to leave the beauty pageant arena to contest in the world of Malawian Politics. She wants to run a campaign for Malawi’s 2009 parliamentary elections under the umbrella of the Democratic Progressive party.

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