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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Mutharika or Muluzi should NOT be Malawi President

The Mutharika family puts Education first. They are studious and try very much to follow the rules. Anyone who does not follow the rules is jailed and the law is followed a la lettre. For Bingu wa Mutharika life is directed by established laws, not principles. Many literate Malawians prefer Bingu wa Mutharika because of his Education. He has a master's degree from the University of Delhi and a Phd from Pacific Western University (California). When looking at his political experience and education, it can clearly be concluded that Mutharika is qualified for the job of the presidency. After a term, many have compared Mutharika to Kamuzu Banda due to his nononsensical rule which at times can be interpreted as authoritarian.

The Muluzi Family puts the people first. This means that some rules may be slightly bent for one reason or another. Bakili Muluzi is a laissez faire Leader, though this may mean that some level of corruption can infiltrate itself into the government. Bakili Muluzi puts principles first and not laws. This has at times worked for the Malawi Nation because it lived under tyrany for many years under the colonizers and also under Kamuzu Banda. Though Bakili Muluzi is not as educated as Mr Mutharika, he accommodates the educated Malawians and puts aside a place for them to thrive.
Both Bingu wa Mutharika and Bakili Muluzi believe in a Malawi that is peaceful and economically strong, therefore differing from Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe in objectives. Sadly, the duo have been in the political arena for too long. Mutharika is 75 and Muluzi is 66 and they have been arguing about who should replace the other for too long now. This is the time for a new face to dominate the Malawi polical scene. A person that will bring change. A person whose name is not Barack Obama.

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Monday, April 6, 2009

Africa Matata: The African Huffington Post?

In the past years, news has turned from subjective to being very opinionated. Bill O'Reilly, Keith Olberman are examples of very opinionated pundits who can also be sometimes biased. On the other hand, a blog like The Huffington Post has become a model for many news websites, though it leans toward the left. According to Mr. Alan Bandawe, the founder of AfricaMatata.Com, the blog will be breaking the news as they happen around the world with an African perspective. AfricaMatata has reporters in Malawi,Rwanda,Congo, Zimbabawe,South Africa, England and the USA. In a press release forwarded to Malawi Current News Blog, Mr Bandawe said that Africans should not always rely on American or British news sources like the BBC, CNN or MSNBC when they are looking for African related breaking news.The Africa Matata website which was officially launched earlier today has received praise from many Africans in the diaspora. From May 2009, Africa Matata will chronicle articles written by orphans living in refugee camps in Central Africa.
Watch a video posted on Youtube about the newly designed Africa Matata:

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Friday, April 3, 2009

Madonna's David Banda:From Motherless to Fatherless

Among other reasons, Madonna adopted David Banda because he was motherless. When his mother died, Yohane Banda could not raise David alone, and among other things he needed a mother to be there for his son. He admittedly said that he did not know what adoption really meant before he met the Queen of Pop. This was honest because before Madonna, Malawi has never allowed any adoptions. When the toddler was under Madonna's 'motherly' care, he was under the watchful 'fatherly' eye of Guy Ritchie. When Madonna and the filmmaker Guy Ritchie divorced, David Banda lived in a single-parent household with a 'mother' who brought in different men in a quest to replace Ritchie. A-Rod, Jesus were used by Madonna to fulfill her needs when she needed them, and when their purpose was accomplished; they were dealt away with. All this happened under the eyes of David Banda, the boy who was motherless then became fatherless.

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