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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Malawi Nyasa Times

Nyasa Times: Online newspaper for Malawi including news, features, polls, photos, videos and comments. Go to the official Nyasa Times website.

Nyasa Times is an online news site providing Malawian news. It began reporting in late 2006. According to its own website it received "over 8 million hits per month" in 2010.
In 2009, the times were criticised for publishing a story alleging that president Bingu wa Mutharika had fallen into a coma. It later retracted the story. However, in 2010, three of the site's editors requested asylum in the UK, after reporting they would be deported to Malawi to face charges. Continue story here

Nyasa Times Editors Seek Asylum in Britain VOA

Editors of the privately owned online publication The Nyasa Times say they’re seeking political asylum. The editors -- based in Leeds -- say Malawi’s government has asked the British High Commission in Lilongwe to help send them home to face charges. Malawian officials deny the allegation.
The Nyasa Times has often been a thorn in the side of Malawi’s authorities and even media groups. The web paper is well known for its criticism of the Malawian government, in general, and President Bingu wa Mutharika, in particular. continue story here
Nyasa Times Managing Director, Edgar ChiwakaNyasaTimes Editor Thom Chiumia
Edgar Chibaka and Thom Chiumia  editors for the Nyasa Times

  Bingu attacks Malawi Nyasa Times as McCain and Obama attacked the Media.
 According to an article posted on the Nyasa Times website, Mr Bingu wa Mutharika, the Malawi President is quoted as saying: “The Nyasa Times has been part of the vilification campaign against me and my government. It has concentrated on tarnishing my image internationally for reasons which I don't know. Much focus has been on negatives only and not on positives about my government” Continue story here

Malawi paper under fire over false report
The Nyasa Times, an online newspaper allegedly published in the United Kingdom by Malawians, has come under fire for publishing a false story alleging that president Bingu wa Mutharika had suddenly fallen seriously ill and is in a coma. Continue story here

Nyasa Times Editor Thom Chiumia/Nyasa Times Twitter feed, click here 

MDF Formed by Nyasa Times Editors 
The Malawi Diaspora forum, which is the coming together of Malawians who are living is diaspora to  help tackle the many concerns about what is happening back home is proving to be giving Malawi President Bingu Mutharika some sleepless nights. The group which was formed in UK , has its coordinators in the name of renown Nyasa Times journalists Thom Chiumia and Edgar Chibaka. For more visit Chalo Mvula's Blog  here and Victor Kaonga  here

Nyasa Times Invited to Speak at St-Andrews University
Mr Thom Chiumia, Editor of the Nyasa Times, Coordinator of the Malawi Diaspora Forum invited to speak at University of St-Andrews about Malawi. For more information about the event click here to visit St-Andews University website.

Anti-Nyasa Time Journalism Blog
The Nyasa Times has to stop publishing articles that are not well written! The Nyasa times should stop publishing online articles that can not measure to journalistic standards. This is shameful for Malawians in the diaspora and shameful for Malawian journalists. Go to Anti-NyasaTimes Journalism Blog

Malawi authorities blocking Nyasa Times website

Mutharika and Mugabe

Mutharika: Using one option, to block the website
In what amounts to suffocation of freedom of expression, the Government of Malawi is blocking access to the Nyasa Times newspaper website. Read the full article here.

Nyasa Times | Facebook  

Nyasa Times - Description: Nyasa Times is an online news site providing Malawian news founded by Edgar Chibaka who remains its Managing Editor assisted by Thom Chiumia.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Immigration USA and Canada: Top 5 Fears

1. Racism. Racism is real though many Canadians or Americans will not agree with this point. Many people and do not display it because they are scared to be labelled racists. Many immigrants are not happy at racial slurs or stereotypes that they encounter daily at work or school.

2.Poverty. Arriving in Canada or the USA does not forcibly mean that an immigrant is free from poverty. There are immigrants in the US lacking food to eat on a daily basis. Some of them rely on social aid for survival.
3.Deportation. Though this fear is not as common to immigrant with the American or Canadian nationality, these governments are strict on asylum seekers who misbehave. This fear causes many immigrants to be exemplary and law-abiding citizens. 
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4.Tragedy. After 'seeing death' and defying it in their country of origin, these immigrants are  looking to live long and take advance of the 'real life' because for many years they were not 'living' but barely surviving.
5.Losing their culture. As their culture is important as it defines who they really are, many immigrants prefer to hold on to it for fear of losing it forever.

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Top five things Immigrants must do to be accepted in the USA or Canada

Before immigrating to either Canada or the US, an immigrant must do these five things.
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1. Prove that you really want to immigrate. Even though the immigrant might be going through war and, the immigration officers are instructed to only accept those who really want to leave their country or refugee camp.

2. Pass through a medical exam. This is a must for all wanting to immigrate to the USA and Canada because these countries are only looking for those who are healthy. Those with diseases like AIDS are generally not accepted.
3. Prove that you are not a criminal. The immigrant should provide a genuine police report proving that he/she is not a criminal. There will also be several interviews with  immigration officers or government representatives in order to validate the statements written on the lengthy application form.  If there happen to be contradictions, the dossier might be rejected automatically.

4.Patiently wait. Sometimes it takes years before getting the actual visa or the Green Card. Relocating or moving might also be an indication that the immigrant to be has moved on and does not want to immigrate.

5. Hope. Without hope there will be discouragement which might make the immigration officers realise that the person is not really interested in relocating to a better place.

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Top five reasons why Malawian Nyasa Times is Hated

mmalawi blog
1. The content. The Malawi Government and many of its supporters are against the content published in the UK based Nyasa Times because it openly tells of every little or big mistake committed by the government and the President, Bingu wa Mutharika.
2.Support from Western countries. The content of the Nyasa Times has  been quoted by reputed media around the world including the Voice of America (VOA). This legitimizes their content therefore ostracizing the voice of the Malawi government.
3. The writer's political affiliations. It is known that the editors of the Nyasa Times were part of a political party running on an entirely different platform.

4.Victim vs  bully. Whenever a government goes against the media, it becomes a bully and the media a victim. Throughout the years, the Nyasa Times and the Malawi Government have been playing the victim-bully game, which as a result has been advantageous for the online Newspaper as it gained sympathy and was exposed to more publicity.
5. Exaggeration/One sided. Some believe that the Nyasa Times Newspaper is one sided and exaggerates facts to make it appealing to readers.

These for many, are the reasons why the Nyasa Times is hated. Do you have other reasons? write them in the comments below.
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Monday, August 15, 2011

Top five reasons why Canadian immigrants are religious

1. Their past. Many immigrants have witnessed genocides and have gone through many life-threatening situations. Some even said that they were 'dead' and God brought them to life and one way to show their appreciation is by worshipping him.

2. Community ties. At their mosque, church or place of worship, they usually meet and interact with other Canadian immigrants from their respective countries which is heartwarming for many. Many of these religious services are carried out in the language they are more comfortable with.
3.Belief in God. Some openly say that it is the very first time in their life to meet a person who does not believe in a God or who has doubts about Godship. For many Christian immigrants, the theory of Evolution is a simple theory and can not be believed. The belief in a living God spurs many Canadian immigrants to be dedicated believers.
4. Hope in something superior. After seeing what happened in their countries and what fellow humans have done to their respective families, friends and even the environment; many immigrants in Canada have decided to believe in a power that is superior and that can bring something better than what they have experienced so far.

5. To protect their children. In many schools in Montreal and Canada as a whole; immigrant parents see how children are more independent and sometimes act differently from what they experienced in their countries of origin. To protect their children from negative influences, they bring them to  worship God and teach them to believe in a greater Power/Being.

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