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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Malawi President dances to Joseph Nkasa's music

Apart from receiving thousands of dollars from his 5 albums, Malawi music guru Joseph Nkasa has received praise from many Malawians for tackling issues that affect them on a daily basis. The self proclaimed Phungu wa Amphawi or The Ambassador of the Poor sings about poverty and the secrets of attaining richess. He asks the poor to endure and wait patiently for their own day to arrive. In one of his hit song; "Zolembalemba" Nkasa says that it is already written that the poor ones will be rich. It is therefore a written prophecy waiting to be fulfilled at its own time.
Joseph Nkasa also sings about politics, though he once said: "Ndale ndi kanyama koopsya" (Politics is a dangerous animal to pet). In his album "Wayenda Wapenga", Nkasa accuses the Malawi President(Bakili Muluzi) to have promised a car to the musician who in turn did not receive it due to greed of those surrounding Muluzi.
Recently Joseph Nkasa sung "Mose Wa Lero" or Today's Moses, a song comparing the current Malawian President Bingu wa Mutharika to the Biblical Moses. The song has caused some uproar in the Malawian music community. Some have accused the musician of changing his views on politics because of monetary gains while others especially those supporting the Malawian leader dance to the tune while in accord with the artist's comparison.
The song "Mose wa Lero" has received massive airplay and it was the "theme song" of the convention of the Democratic Progressive Party(DPP) Convention where Bingu wa Mutharika "Today's Moses" was unanimously chosen to represent his Party at the May 19th Malawi Elections. Bingu wa Mutharika has danced at many public events to Joseph Nkasa's moving music.
Watch a Video of Joseph Nkasa; Malawi music 'guru':

Watch women dancing for the President to Joseph Nkasa's Song; Mose wa Lero

For more on Nkasa click here

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Monday, January 26, 2009

Malawi's Kimba Mutanda:"Do not Eat Mbatata Without Water"

The multi talented musician, Kimba Mutanda talks to Mmalawi Blog about his life, his music, mbatata (sweet popatoes), John Tembo, Real Elements and much more. Kimba Mutanda played with Malawi's Real Elements but is now with the British Group; Subsource. Follow;
Mmalawi Blog: What do you consider to be your hometown?
Kimba Mutanda: I never had one.So far in my life have lived in 6 countries and too many towns to recall.
Mmalawi Blog:What is your current residence?
Kimba Mutanda: It can change any moment, but at the moment I'm in Britain.
Mmalawi Blog: You encourage others to stay and develop Malawi in your song Dearest Child. Why do you spend your time outside Malawi?
Kimba Mutanda: I'm intrigued by the varying interpretations Dearest Child produces in different people. Firstly I don't lay claim to that song. I rather say it wrote itself. The closing line of Dearest Child is 'Whatever you do, you know I wish you the greatest success'. Personally I believe any form of development comes from unity.As far as Malawi this can be achieved no matter where it's citizens are. Imagine if all overseas Malawians decided to create a development fund and contributed some of their earnings to it. Foreign curreny that they could not have earned if they stayed in Malawi would suddenly be available for use there. We just have to make sure David Banda learns Chewa, so when he's older he can throw some of Madonna's Dolla back to the land of his birth. Then again I recall a previous Banda who set out to develop Malawi that did it while only being able to talk Engrish. If David Banda ever becomes pulezidenti, I'll be viying to be his John Tembo. "M'anjamo!"
Mmalawi Blog: What happened to Real Elements, any reunion album in the making?
Kimba Mutanda: I ask that question myself. Then again the individuals in the group wouldn't be where they are today if Real Elements had not dispersed. We still present our creativity with the realness we always have.We just don't do it in the same place,or on the same songs.

Mmalawi Blog:How do you describe your style of music?
Kimba Mutanda: Depends who I'm making music with. Mostly you'll hear me Rap or Nyambuta on all sorts of styles.
Mmalawi Blog: Musically, what are you doing presently and will be doing in the future?
Kimba Mutanda: At the moment I have been blessed to be a member of a band called Subsource. We specialize in creating big,loud,noise. Za chete chete,mayazi! I also plan to get more involved in the Lake of Stars Festival. Keep making loud noise with Subsource.
Mmalawi Blog: What or who is the greatest love of your life?
Kimba: Good, healthy food.
Mmalawi Blog: What is your idea of perfect happiness?
Kimba Mutanda:Don't let others define your success. Be content with what you have,greed is evil. If you're eating sweet potato,or cassava always make sure you have some drinking water close to hand.
Mmalawi Blog:If you had the power to change something in Malawi what would it be?
Kimba Mutanda:We need to start respecting women more and seeing them as equals. Previous generations have oppressed our mothers,sisters,friends and it has to stop.

Watch Kimba with the Real Elements "These Elements"

Perez Hilton 'Better' than Madonna for Malawi


The American blogger Perez Hilton whose blog traffic is in millions has through a post solicited funds for a Malawian project, "Amai a Thanzi" This move has caused some Malawians to conclude that Perez Hilton is more practical in solving the problem of Malawians than Madonna is. The Post Perz Hilton's blog was entitled "A Worthwile Cause" describe the project: "The Amai Athanzi Project is working in partnership with GAIA. (The Global AIDS Interfaith Alliance) an NGO based in San Francisco, California. GAIA is committed to helping people in Malawi with HIV/AIDS by providing programmes to improve prevention and care. We are very grateful for the help and support of GAIA both here and in Malawi." This came amid the news that Madonna had given millions to the Kabbalah religion and barely nothing to Malawi in the just ended year. This has caused some critics to paint Madonna as a hypocrite. Madonna adopted David Banda from Malawi, a country that bent its rules to allow her to legally adopt the child. Perez Hilton, who was a critic of Madonna's monetary distribution to charities has through the post demonstrated that he can do what is in his power to help those in need. Perez Hilton whose real name is Mario Lavandeira claims to own the most hated website in Hollywood because of his criticisms of Hollywood celebrities. The blog post "Worthwile cause" received praise from many of his readers. Mahara, a Malawian wrote: "May Jesus take your wheel. Perez thank you so much for this. I'm a reader of yours from Malawi and there really isn't enough attention being put on the challenges our country is facing" The Webmaster of the Amayi a Thanzi website, Aryssa Brook responded to Perez with gratitude, thanking him for shedding light on the project. John Bandawe, a Malawian living in the USA praised Lavandeira saying: "Perez Hilton is better than Madonna because he is very practical. Few months ago Madonna asked for our money to build schools in Malawi. She did not contribute any penny and she really expect me to give from wallet?"
Donate here:Amai Athanzi project

CALEB PHRI Malawi Current News

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Malawi Music Videos: Connecting Home

Postera Tenthani.
"Malawi music video" "Malawi music Youtube" and "Malawi music" are common searches by many curious internet browsers. Their goal is to find music video from Malawi on the internet especially on video sharing websites like Youtube. To satisfy these internet users, Malawian artists like Kenny Gilmore (Amunaamuna on Youtube), Wisdom Qodesh Chitedze(Vinjeru on Youtube) and Kimba Mutanda have created personal Youtube accounts to promote their works. Malawian music can also be accesed on Youtube through the accounts of Jack Chitenje (Malawiana1) Dumisani Kapanga and Herchaklan who provide a mosaic of videos from artists like Lucius Banda, Joseph Tembo, Aphofomoka and even videos of Malawi's presidents Kamuzu Banda, Bingu wa Mutharika and Bakili Muluzi.
Interestingly, these Youtube accounts are getting thousands of hits, and comments from viewers.
Some videos have sparked heated discussions among viewers who had fights of words and ideas. Many are thankful to video sharing sites like Youtube because they help in connecting Malawians, especially those in the diaspora to their culture. Ndilibe Naye Chifuka (Mwana or Munthu) a video of the Malawian musical reggea group Black Missionaries, was voted 2008 Malawi Web Award Best Video. Videos by artists: Lawrence Mbenjere, Joseph Nkasa, Joe Gwaladi and Fuggie Kasipa are ranking among the most viewed Malawian videos because of their use of humor to tackle serious issues like HIV/AIDS, Unwanted pregnancies,marriage and even politics.
Below are some examples of videos of Joe Gwaladi and Lawrence Mbenjere:

NOTE: Due to scheduling conflicts, the Promised Exclusive Interview with Malawi musician Kimba Mutanda will be posted on Malawi Current News (Mmalawi Blog) this coming Monday morning. We apologize for any inconvenience-The Editor.

Postera Tenthani for Malawi Current News

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Malawi and Africa Support Obama through Facebook

For the weeks leading up to Barack Obama's Presidential Inauguration, many people expressed their enthusiasm for the first African American President. The excitement culminated on January 20th, 2009; the day that Barack Obama took the oath of Presidency of the USA. Dr Steve Sharra a Malawian blogger and educationist from Michigan State University changed his profile status with a quote from American film director Spike Lee: "The new calendar begins today. We're moving from the B.O era (Before Obama) into the A.O era (After Obama)" Many Malawians and Africans alike watched the inauguration on their Facebook accounts through live streaming from At 12pm, the precise time when Barack Obama was sworn in as 44th President of the United States, Dumisani Kapanga, a Malawian currently living in the UK wrote on his Facebook status profile: "This confirms that all things are possible; from oppression, slavery to a black man leading the free world" Many young Africans are inspired and awed by President Obama's achievements and want to follow his steps. The son of an African immigrant who is now President-inspired Kapanga, a student at New Caledonian University to later add: "Wait till I become the first coloured British Prime Minister. Yes I can!"
Victor Chizinga, another African watching the Inauguration through and Facebook joined the chorus of countless praises by saying:"When u hear the name Obama, you can not tell me that your spirit,energy,attitude is not elevated to the highest positive level!" While watching the live internet stream, a Malawian girl living in Toronto, Canada wrote on her Facebook 'wall': "I am overwhelmed with joy by the magic happening south of the border. I am actually crying!"
Thom Chiumia, a journalist working for the Nyasa Times, an online news source calls Obama his hero and a hero to all Africans.
Not all African and Malawian Facebook users were thrilled with Obama's Presidency. Some like Kondwani Kamiyala compared the 44th American President to Zimbabwe's Leader, Robert Mugabe: "I'm wondering why all the fuss about Obama. How different is he from George Bush and Robert Mugabe?" said Kamiyala. His comment or question was responded almost immediately by others watching the historic Inauguration. One user said: "You responded well to yourself; you just said it mate. He's Obama and they are Mugabe and Bush and they are miserable failures" Mfana wa ku Malawi, another Facebook user responded to Kamiyala's comment with humor: "Bush is American, Mugabe is African, Obama is African-American. That's the difference mate!"
The majority of Africans and Malawians watching the Inaugurations felt like Gertrude Vumilia who said at the end of the ceremony: "I am happy to have witnessed this historic Inauguration. Obama is the man Africa needs. I believe in him and in Real Change"
In May 2009, Malawians will be heading to polls to elect their President democratically, only for the 4th time of their lives. The current President of Malawi Bingu wa Mutharika(DPP), Bakili Muluzi(UDF) and JZU Tembo(MCP) are among the candidates to the Malawian Presidential Election that has also drawn considerable attention from Malawians on social network sites like Facebook.

Caleb Phiri & Chimwemwe T (in Malawi)
, Postera Tenthani for MMALAWI BLOG

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Malawi Musicians Interviews

Malawi Current News (Mmalawi Blog) Presents 2 Exclusive interviews with Malawian musicians Kimba Mutanda from the now disbanded Malawian Band Real Elements on Thursday (January 22) and Kenny Gilmore (Amunaamuna) on Tuesday (January 27th). Kimba Mutanda will talk about his current musical carreer and his future plans. He also talks about hi 'real' nationality, his view on homosexuality and religion.
Kenny Gilmore talks about how he ended up in Malawi and what he has been doing since leaving Malawi. In the exclusive interview, Kenny also talks about his greatest love among other things. The two Malawian musicians will also offer advice to the young and upcoming musicians who are trying to make a name for themselves. They will also offer their opinions on the current Malawi music scene.
C.Phiri Malawi Current News

McCain Better than Obama for Malawi

Sen. John McCain agreed with 90% of President George Bush's policies. This meant that he would have continued the programs that are undertaken currently by the USA in Africa. George Bush through his government has helped Africa more than any other American President. Since 2001, aid to Africa has quadrupled ($1.3bn in 2001 to $5bn in 2008) and Malawi has benefited in many ways from it. Many projects became reality with the help of the American aid. The Election of Barack Obama and the Democrats may mean that some Malawian doctors will not receive any more funding and some hospitals may be forced to treat less patients. Sen. John McCain's pledge to further the Republican agenda meant that the African programs to fight malaria or Aids would have progressed. President-elect Obama's origins do not guarantee that he will help Malawians at the rate that the Republican President did. Just like George Bush, John McCain's policies could have saved millions of Malawian lives. Currently, almost every household in Malawi has mosquito nets which have helped in reducing Malaria, especially in children. The nets were most of the times distributed free of charge or sold at a price that every Malawian could afford. During Bill Clinton's Presidency under the Democratic agenda, mosquito nets were very expensive and not promoted by the Malawian government because of the lack of funds. During the last 8 years, many HIV patients in Malawi have been helped with antiretrovirals (ARVs) that have saved many lives.
For some Malawians in Lilongwe or Blantyre, Barack Obama in the White House represents negative change to their lives. The continuation of the George Bush' policies by Sen. John McCain could have positively benefited Malawians. Many are looking forward to the upcoming Malawi Elections where they will choose between Bakili Muluzi or Bingu wa Mutharika.

C.Phiri Mmalawi

Monday, January 19, 2009

Malawi Musician Tay Grin Sings About the Dead

Postera Tenthani
Tay Grin,the 2008 Malawi Musician of the Year (2008 Malawi Web Awards Winner) has been recognized by many as one of the best musicians on the present Malawian music scene. Tay Grin(real name Limbani Kalilani) has worked with renowned Malawian musicians Tapps (Tapiwa) Bandawe, Andrew Kwizombe, Tha Gosple, Dan Lufani and Sally Nyundo. The song, Nyau Music is a fusion of hip hop and traditional Malawian music. Nyau is a Malawian(Chichewa) tradition and religion that bases its beliefs on the fact that the dead are still alive. Nyau Music borrows its chorus from the famous soundtrack of the 1990s cult Tv series Shaka Zulu, the South African powerful and fearless leader of the 16th Century.
The Malawi Music video
Nyau Music Live by Tay Grin:

Tay Grin was nominated for the prestigious Channel O Spirit of Africa Music Awards under the categories; "Best Male Artist from Africa" and his hit single "Stand Up" was nominated for the "Best South African Video" and "Best Hip Hop Video" Tay Grin urges all Malawians from cities and towns like Lilongwe, Blantyre, Ntcheu, Mponela, Kasungu and Dedza to stand up and dance. Sally Nyundo and Andrew Kwizombe(FM 101 Dj), both Malawian musicians based in Blantyre appear in the video.
Watch the video Stand Up by Tay Grin:

The 2008 Malawi Web Award Winner in the musician category, Tay Grin aka Limbani Kalilani, cousin to Real Element's Jerome David Kalilani(Stix), also sings in vernecular languages like chichewa in songs from his succesful album "Split Screen"An example is the song Ndabwera:

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Bingu attacks Malawi Nyasa Times as McCain and Obama attacked the Media.

During the 2008 US Elections, both President-elect Barack Obama and Sen. John McCain attacked the media for the negative portrayal of their personalities, agendas or personal lives. As the Leader of the Free World, the USA and its politicians are considered as an example to the many African politicians. It is therefore not surprising that the President of Malawi(a third-world-country); attacks the media in his turn.According to an article posted on the Nyasa Times website, Mr Bingu wa Mutharika, the Malawi President is quoted as saying: “The Nyasa Times has been part of the vilification campaign against me and my government. It has concentrated on tarnishing my image internationally for reasons which I don't know. Much focus has been on negatives only and not on positives about my government” The Nyasa Times which has been voted as 2008 Malawi Best News Website has at times through its articles taken swipes at Bingu wa Mutharika’s policies especially as the Malawi Presidential Elections are fast approaching. Just like President-elect Barack Obama attacked Fox News and Sen. John McCain attacked the New York Times, the Malawi Media should expect even more attacks from Mr Bingu wa Mutharika or his rival, Mr Bakili Muluzi before the May 19th Malawi Elections.

Caleb Phiri Malawi Current News

Sacha Baron Cohen Likes Malawi, Loves Madonna-NOT

Sacha Baron Cohen Loves Malawi because in his upcoming movie, Bruno; the controversial filmmaker is teaming up with the producers of Borat to make a movie about a gay man who adopts a Malawian boy named David. Sacha Baron Cohen who in the past has said that he was a friend to Madonna, will out rightly offend the Queen of Pop who adopted David Banda from Malawi.

Cohen's earlier movie, Borat has promoted Kazakhstan's tourism as many did not know the country or even where it is situated on a map. Madonna helped in making Malawi known but Sacha Baron will even do a better job because Bruno will shed a negative light on Malawi. Any attention be it positive or negative is always welcomed. The Warm Heart of Africa, Bingu Wa Mutharika or even Lake Malawi are names that every Malawian know, but not people in the West. They will definetely want to visit after watching Bruno, who knows even to adopt a Malawian little child from Nkhoma in Lilongwe or Chichiri in Blantyre. The sad part is that Bruno's lead character is a black Jesus who is wearing a revealing thong....Not good..Not good Borat.

As if that is not enough Sacha Baron Cohen poked fun at Madonna this past Sunday at the Golden Globes Ceremony. His comments were not appreciated by some celebrities like Salma Hayek and Sandra Bullock. Cohen said: "This recession is affecting everyone, even celebrities. Victoria Beckham hasn't eaten for three weeks. Charlie Sheen has been forced to have sex without paying for it. It's true. And even Madonna has had to get rid of one of her personal assistants. (pause) Our thoughts go out to you Guy Ritchie."

That is fine as long as Bruno brings some publicity to Malawi.

Mmalawi Blog

Friday, January 16, 2009

Malawi's Hazel Warren Answers to all the Accusations Against Her

Caleb Phiri
Many have outrightly said that Hazel Warren is not Malawian and she is older than she says. In this Exclusive Interview,2008 Malawi Personality of the Year (2008 Malawi Web Award Winner), Hazel Warren answers to all the allegations circulating around and she also talks about her present and future plans. Hazel Warren is Big Brother Africa 3(BBA3) runner up.

Mmalawi Blog: First of all it’s a pleasure to have you here for this interview.

Hazel Warren: Thank you, I am honored

Mmalawi Blog: How do you feel having been voted 2008 Malawi Personality of the Year?

Hazel Warren: I think this is a big accolade, I did not see this coming, this must be my Christmas present! The feeling is great, it really shows that my contribution has been appreciated most of all I feel blessed.

Mmalawi Blog: So did you expect any of the fame you received before you went to the BBA House?

Hazel Warren: I thought of life after the show and I did not see the FAME I have now, I did know that I would be noticed here and there but it is definitely BIGGER than I thought.

Mmalawi Blog: Many people have been wondering about you, Could you please tell us about your Childhood.

Hazel Warren: I am born and bred in Lilongwe, I was born at the Kamuzu Central Hospital on Feb 6, 1983, the second born in a family of four children, the only girl! So I hung out with my brothers quite a lot from when I young. The family lived in Kawale 1 and 2 for most of my childhood, we also lived in Biwi and Chilinde and now I live in area 14.

I went to different schools, from Chisamba in Kawale, St. Maria Gorret (Lilongwe Girls Primary school), Livimbo and Nanjati then I went to Carewell Private and Walani Private and finally Bwaila Secondary School.

From There I went to Shareworld open University where I studied Travel, Tourism and Hospitality. They have also offered me a three year scholarship so I will be back to Shareworld soon.

Mmalawi Blog: Who or What do you consider as your love?

Hazel Warren: God Almighty!

Mmalawi Blog: What is your advice for young Malawians and Africans?

Hazel Warren: I think we should take pride in who we are, we are what we are and where we are for a reason. We should also develop a mindset of not waiting for someone else to do things for us, we should take the initiative and take the leading role.

Mmalawi Blog: What are your present and future plans?

Hazel Warren: There are a few projects I am working on, I would still like to keep the “Hazel” brand going so there are some activities that I am working on. I will also take up the scholarship offer, I am working on a recipe book (all of those BBA recipes and more) I would like to work with the youth, I find that most youths copy what their friends do in order to fit in, but I would like to make them see that you can be YOU and still be really cool.

Another area is in empowering women, in the sense that they can use readily available resources to better their lives.

Mmalawi Blog: Who do you consider as your Malawian Hero?

Hazel Warren: John Chilembwe of course, he laid down his life for our sake, that’s heroism.

Watch the
2008 Malawi Web Awards, where Hazel Warren won 2008 Malawi Personality of the Year:

Mmalawi Blog: What kind of Music, Movies, Activities do you like?

Hazel Warren: I like R&B, but I am not limited to that, I like a song that lifts up my spirits and also music that will make me dance, I also like some of our local music. I like real life dramas for movies and comedies also like some horror.I also like to cook; it was nothing new in BBA house, I like to look at nature, listen to the wind, the sound of water and birds in the wild.

Mmalawi Blog: What is your reaction when people are not happy with your success?

Hazel Warren: They definitely have a right to their opinion and expressing it, I am well aware that it is impossible to please everyone so that is inevitable.

Mmalawi Blog: Any words on the AIDS pandemic in Malawi?

Hazel Warren: It is a fact AIDS is affecting everyone, my personal opinion is that the unmarried youths should abstain and those who are married should remain faithful. I think abstinence is the best choice because you have no doubts, you know where you have been. For those who cannot abstain/be faithful should definitely condomize, Let us spread the love not the disease!

Mmalawi Blog: Your Perfect Malawi how do you describe it?

Hazel Warren: Being around the friendly people, peace, no hunger, healthy people and people who are not poverty stricken, to this add our amazing organic food and our unpolluted air!

Mmalawi Blog:Any last words?

Hazel Warren: I am definitely grateful for this accolade, and I am ever so grateful for the support I am getting both during and after Big Brother Africa.

I feel that Malawians have a lot to offer and we should step up and do more for our country and for ourselves.

You can connect with Hazel Warren on Facebook.

This Interview was done with Hazel Warren by Caleb Phiri for MMALAWI BLOG

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Tintin is Gay; an African Response

I read The Adventures of Tintin when I was about 10 years old and I probably read all the comics from the Beligian comic writer, Georges Prosper Remi (HerGé). Yesterday, I read about the same Tintin who just turned 80 and who is apparently gay because he is blonde with funny looking pants and living with Captain Haddock who is also allegedly gay! I already heard that SpongeBob, Stewie Griffin and Asterix are all gay. I believe that some people simply want to gain attention and notoriety by having theories and assumptions. Tintin is beloved by many Africans from Malawi, South Africa and all over the world. If Tintin was really gay, he would have said it himself long time ago. In the late 90s and early 2000s, The Adventures of Tintin and Snowy could be found at the Lilongwe National Library in City Centre or even next door at the Lilongwe British Council. I remember reading all the comics because they were simply interesting and very entertaining. It is indeed true that Tintin does not mention his family in the comics but is that a reason for being gay? Is the lack of many female characters in the comics an indication that Tintin is gay? Many tend to compare him with other spies like James Bond, but in reality their stories are very different from each other. So as far as there's no real evidence that Tintin is gay and while waiting for that evidence, let us all stick to reality; Tintin is straight.
Steven Spielberg is currently producing a Tintin CGI movie set for 2010 with Andy Serkis (Haddock), Nick Frost (Thomson) and Simon Pegg (Thompson). The character who will play Tintin is yet to be found.

Chimwemwe T. in Lilongwe, Malawi for Mmalawi Blog.


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Who killed the African Reggae King?Investigating the Death of Malawi's Matafale

This a comment by an outraged fan of Evison Matafale, the African reggae King who died in Lilongwe, Malawi:
“Evison Matafale died because of the truth. This is my warning to all you killers: One day it will be your judgment day.Tidzakumana pamtengo wa kachere, ngati si inu ndi mwana wanu, Koma tidzakumana (We will meet, if not with with you, it will be with your children for your well deserved punishment)”

In November 2001, the Malawian reggae King, Evison Matafale passed away. He died in police custody. Many consider him as one of the best Malawian musicians of all times. When arrested, Matafale was in poor health and many believe that he died of natural causes, while others blame the use of force by the police and yet others do believe that the singer died as a result of Police negligence. We investigate.

Theory 1 Matafale’s music.
His music was not very political in his first album; “Kuyimba 1” Songs like Malawi,Watsetseleka, Chauta Wamphavu,Poison is Sweet covered the themes of love, freedom and power to his fellow Africans. The same themes were emphasized again in his sophomore album; Kuyimba 2 which contained songs like Freedom, Timba, Yangana Nkhope. The Album also contained the hit Time Mark which was about the 2001 September 11th terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center in New York. In Matafale’s songs, no names of political parties or politicians were mentioned like other African reggae artists would do. (Tiken Jah Fakoly,Alpha Blondy and even the late Lucky Dube). Anyone listening to the albums finds NO apparent reason to use violence against him and his convictions.

Theory 2: Matafale’s ‘Violence’
Evison Matafale was not very happy with the piracy that existed (and still exists) in Malawi so he had a quarrel with the music distributors and the Copyright Society Of Malawi(COSOMA). Days before his imprisonment, Matafale went and broke a table at a music shop owned by OG ISSA a Malawian of East Indian decent as a demonstration that he was not happy for the distributors turned a blind eye on piracy.This incident that happened in Blantyre might have been the reason why he was imprisoned. Though there are still some skeptics.

Theory 3: The Letters to the President
It is believed that Evison Matafale wrote letters to the Malawian president Bakili Muluzi to express his anger and unhappiness at the way things were run by the government. Among other things, the artist openly talked about the President’s alleged favoritism of foreigners over Malawians in business dealings. This is for many the real reason behind Matafale’s imprisonment at Maula in Lilongwe.

Evison Matafale died at Kamuzu Central Hospital in Lilongwe with Tuberculosis and some do believe that he died from complications related to the disease while others simply think that he was killed by the Malawi Police. Either way, Evison Matafale died in police custody.

Matafale’s death caused a great uproar in the Malawian music community. Matafale’s backing band, the Black Missionaries took over from where he left with the album Kuyimba 3. The album contained direct hits to the Malawi Government for its alleged negligence on Evison Matafale’s case. Many Malawian musicians mentioned Matafale in their songs and talked about the alleged injustice and corruption affecting the Malawian political system. Billy Kaunda, a musician turned politician sung about the death in a one of his song saying: “Chondigwere, chindigwere nditsatile Matafale” (I’m going to sing very openly and fearlessly so I don’t care what happens to me, even if it will be Matafale’s fate).
Watch a Video by Matafale's Backing Band; The Black Missionaries. The Song Mwana Wa Munthu (Ndilibe Naye Chifukwa) accuses the negligence of the Malawi Government(Matafale footage appears in the video:

After getting pressure from the international community, the Malawian president, Bakili Muluzi ordered an inquiry. The inquiry was very controversial especially to the Rasta community because no Rasta was represented in the panel. The controversy even grew when Malawian musician Lucius Banda was also called to take part in the commission as allegedly had been at loggerheads with Evison Matafale. The results of the inquiry were released with the death attributed mainly to Tuberculosis.
Finally, what or who killed Matafale? The question remains unanswered for some and answered for others.

Matafale was a nephew to Malawi music maestro Robert Fumulani (founder of Likhubula River Dance Band). The Black Missionaries were Evison Matafale’s cousins.The Black Missionaries are: Musamude Fumulani(RIP), Anjilu Fumulani, Chizondi Fumulani and Peter Amidu. The Black Missionaries are Malawi's most successful Band in terms of sales and popularity. Their video "Mwana Wa Munthu" was voted as the Best Video in the 2008 Malawi Web Awards. Matafale was a cousin to Malawian renowned musician Anthony Makondetsa who also comes from Chileka, a small town in Southern Malawi. He was also a childhood friend to Esau Mwamwaya, the London based Malawian musician singing with the duo Radioclit. Blantyre reggae artists Sally Nyundo and San B of the Pelemende and producers Ralph Chigamba, Chuma Soko and Ruben Chongwe have also collaborated with Evison.
Evison Matafale was Born in 1969 and grew up in Malawi and Zimbawe.He died on November 27th, 2001 in Lilongwe, Malawi.

Research and Interviews for this article were compiled and written for Mmalawi Blog

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bingu Wa Mutharika Winner of 2009 Malawi Elections

Bingu Wa Mutharika is set to win the 2009 Malawi Elections. Though Mmalawi Blog is not into politics, we decided to write 5 factual reasons why Bingu Wa Mutharika will win the May 19th 2009 Malawi Elections and Bakili Muluzi will be narrowly defeated.

1. Bingu Wa Mutharika is the current President, he is therefore going into the election period with the needed momentum.

2. Bingu Wa Mutharika has control over the Malawi Media (Malawi Broadcasting Corporation(MBC), TV Malawi)

3. Bingu Wa Mutharika is considered by the West as the saviour of Malawi, as he fought corruption and actually rid those who were corrupted, be it in his own Party or in other Malawian Political parties.

4. Bakili Muluzi’s and UDF’s close allies have defected to Mutharika’s political party’s Democratic Progressive Party (DPP). These include Lilian Patel and Patricia Kaliati

5. The other opposition party Leaders apart from Bakili Muluzi do not pose any threats to Bingu Wa Mutharika's reelection bid.

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Monday, January 12, 2009

Sacha Baron Cohen Likes Malawi, Loves Madonna-NOT

Sacha Baron Cohen Loves Malawi because in his upcoming movie, Bruno; the controversial filmmaker is teaming up with the producers of Borat to make a movie about a gay man who adopts a Malawian boy named David. Sacha Baron Cohen who in the past has said that he was a friend to Madonna, will out rightly offend the Queen of Pop who adopted David Banda from Malawi.

Cohen's earlier movie, Borat has promoted Kazakhstan's tourism as many did not know the country or even where it is situated on a map. Madonna helped in making Malawi known but Sacha Baron will even do a better job because Bruno will shed a negative light on Malawi. Any attention be it positive or negative is always welcomed. The Warm Heart of Africa, Bingu Wa Mutharika or even Lake Malawi are names that every Malawian know, but not people in the West. They will definetely want to visit after watching Bruno, who knows even to adopt a Malawian little child from Nkhoma in Lilongwe or Chichiri in Blantyre. The sad part is that Bruno's lead character is a black Jesus who is wearing a revealing thong....Not good..Not good Borat.

As if that is not enough Sacha Baron Cohen poked fun at Madonna this past Sunday at the Golden Globes Ceremony. His comments were not appreciated by some celebrities like Salma Hayek and Sandra Bullock. Cohen said: "This recession is affecting everyone, even celebrities. Victoria Beckham hasn't eaten for three weeks. Charlie Sheen has been forced to have sex without paying for it. It's true. And even Madonna has had to get rid of one of her personal assistants. (pause) Our thoughts go out to you Guy Ritchie."

That is fine as long as Bruno brings some publicity to Malawi.

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Saturday, January 10, 2009


The year 2009 is very promising! We are glad to announce that from Monday January 12th 2009, Mmalawi Blog will be updated EVERY DAY of the week. These updates will include Malawi latest news, Exclusive Interviews, Pictures, African news and your own stories that you recommend.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Dr Kamuzu Banda: No Comments

A picture of Dr Kamuzu Banda; Malawi's Leader.
This picture is worth a thousand words. You say the words.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Big Brother Africa 4 for Malawi?

According to reliable sources, the Fourth installment (Big Brother 4, BBA4) is on its way. Now the question goes to YOU; who should represent MALAWI this time? Remember:

Big Brother Africa 1 Zein Dudha the Marketing Manager for an ISP company in Blantyre. He was the second person to be evicted after Bruna Tatiana Estiv√£oto . Was in the house for 42 days.

Big Brother 2: Code Sangala
The Dj from FM 101 Malawi was evicted after 68 days from Big Brother Africa 2. He was the 8th evictee.

Big Brother 3: Hazel Warren:
She received much praise as she was one heartbeat away from being the Winner.

The Malawian in Big Brother Africa 4 must be someone who will WIN not come back home without the $100,000 prize.
Please give us your suggestions and next MONDAY we will post all of them. Email the names to mmalawi(@)live .com or simple write it as a COMMENT below. BIG BROTHER AFRICA 4 should be won by a Malawian! Help by suggesting that winner to be.


Friday, January 2, 2009

Malawi Top 10 Politicians to look for in 2009

Top 10 Malawi Politicians to look for in 2009:
1. Joseph ‘Dimingu’ Tembo (It came as a surprise that Joseph Tembo entered politics. He secured his party’s nomination to represent Chikwawa in parliament)

2. Sunganani Banda
(Lucius Banda’s Wife. Her husband is 101% behind her, doesnt she have a son called Bakili in honour of the former Malawian President?)

3. Bakili Muluzi (What will happen if he loses? What about if he wins the elections in 2009?)
5. Bingu Wa Mutharika (The current Malawian President might or might not win the upcoming elections. 2009 will tell)

7. Perth Msiska
(Ex Miss Malawi 2008 who was encouraged by Sarah Palin to join politics, what will happen to her in 2009?)

8. Billy Kaunda
(The Musician turned politician failed in the Primaries for the DPP but he is the vice Minister of Sports and Culture. What will 2009 bring for him?)

9. Joseph Nkasa
(I know he is not a politician but I had to put him on this list because he is a self proclaimed MP. What will he sing next? After “Mose wa Lero” what will 2009 bring for Joseph Nkasa?)

10. Bauleni Manna
aka Dr Crowd (A musician turned politician from Dowa who is very charismatic and seems to be causing havoc and excitement in Malawian political circles. Lets see if the crowds will follow Dr Crowd in 2009).

Do you have any other suggestions?

Watch "Mose Wa Lero by Joseph Nkasa

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