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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Tajah Olson: The face of Malawi!

Born in Lilongwe Malawi in 1984, Tajah Olson is a model who currently lives in Vancouver, Canada. She did a fashion designing diploma is currently attending the presitigious Emily Carr Arts & Design Institute of BC in Fine Arts.

She has modeled for many known fashion houses in Canada and she also pursue a career in choreographing and dancing. She dreams to be a UN ambassador one day. Tajah has also been featured as the face of Radio Yako, the online Malawian Radio.

Tajah has made a her personal website which contains more information about herself and her various works and achievements.

Pictures courtesy of Tajah at (Please visit her site here 2008

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

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News For Boys: Man almost burns alive because of Porn

Waukesha, Wisconsin: When some plastic caught fire on his stove, the man did not pay attention. He continued watching pornography. He did not pay attention even with the burning smell. That is until his neighbors called the firefighters and the police. Though there was no major damage to the household items, this man demonstrated the power pornography can have on a person! The article

Monday, November 24, 2008

Big Brother Africa is a BIG RIP OFF

Ok, the Malawian representative, Hazel Warren failed to get the $100,000 cash prize offered by Big Brother Africa. That's okay because failures happen to any one. The votes were not favoring her. She received a laptop, a digital camera and a cellphone. What the heck?
Price of laptop: $1,000
Price of camera: $150
Price of Cellphone: $100
Total $1,250
This is crazy because she only missed few votes and she goes home $98,000 less richer than she would.
3 months in a jail-like place for only 1,250 bucks? Screw BBA.
I would rather stay home and make that money instead of living under scrutiny for months with the whole world watching me and my privacy.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Madonna wants your Money (All currencies accepted, including Kwachas)

The following video of Madonna is according to me disgusting. WATCH

the pop star wants to build a school for girls in Malawi. She is asking YOU to give some of your money for that cause. I cannot give any penny because I went to one of her concert few weeks ago and I paid about $100 (50 Pounds) with about other 60,000 people.

Why cant she take the money from the concert and build the school herself?
Oprah Winfrey did not ask any penny from people and she still built a school in South Africa.
We all have bills to pay at the end of the month, so if she wants to be adored, she should NOT ask money from us.

DAVID BANDA, 8th World powerful and famous kid

Today I would like to write about this article I stumbled upon. Its an article on David Banda, the 8th world's powerful and famous child. It is quite interesting to read stuff like this in Chichewa.
here are some excepts;

"Davide Banda ndi mwana amene Madonna, woyimba wina otchuka wa ku Amerika anamutenga kuti akhale mwana wake. David Banda anabadwira ku Mchinji m’dziko la Malawi pa 24 Sepitembala 2005. Davide Banda anatengedwa kuchoka ku Malawi pa 16 Okotobala. Kumutenga kwa mwanayu ndi a Madonna kunayambitsa nkhani yofufuza ngati a Madonna wo anapatsidwa ulemu wa padera chifukwa choti ndi munthu wotchuka.
A Madonna anayankhula pa kanema pa pologilamu ya Oprah Winfrey pa 25 Okotobala 2006 pofuna kukana zomwe anthu ankanenazi. Pamene ankacheza ndi Oprah Winfrey, a Madonnawa ananena kuti ku Malawi kulibe malamulo olembedwa bwino bwino okhudza kutengedwa kwa ana osowa kapena amasiye ndi anthu ochokera kunja

Panakali pano mulandu womwe anasuma mabungwe oona za ufulu wa anthu udakadikila chigamulo"

The entire article

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

MALIA: Bio, Disco, Video, Links

Malia is a Malawian artist who moved to London with her parents when she was 14 years old. In her 20s she became interested in alternative styles of music. She believes that her idol is the French singer Johnny Halliday. Malia mainly sings Jazz, Nu-Jazz and Soul. She is currently signed to the BMG/SONY label. The 30 year old Malia mainly sings in English.

Malia's discography:
  • 2002 : Yellow Daffodils
  • 2004 : Echoes of dreams
  • 2007 : Young Bones
Watch Malia Sing Little Darling

Links: Malia's Official Website

Saturday, November 15, 2008


Andrew Albert Kwizombe, called Dj Drew by his fans, is a Malawian artist from Lilongwe. He just released his debut album: "The Journey" It is an album acclaimed by many critics as one that is changing the course of Malawian contemporary music. In his own words:"Music is what I live for, it is my food, my strength, my water and most of all my best friend" Drew's album which is a mix of house and techno and some RnB contains songs like Malawi, Am Sorry, Mvundula madzi and African Prayer.

To listen to his songs click here

Please Support Drew's music by buying it!
Dj Drew formerly worked for Malawi's Power 101 Fm alongside DJ C.O.D.E and Dj Jean Chalungama. Drew has also collaborated with other artists like Tay Grin and Sally Nyundo.

The Journey
1. The Journey (Intro)
2. Am Sorry
3. Iwe Tabwera
4. African Prayer
5. Chinyunyu
6. Malawi
7. In love with my guitar
8. Club deep inside of me
9. Mvundula Madzi
10 The Journey (Outro)

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