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Sunday, June 29, 2008

JOE GWALADI Music, Videos, Bio, News

Joe Gwaladi is a musician who was born in Malawi. Since his childhood, he liked playing handmade musical instruments. Joe Gwaladi is famous for songs like Ndianafa Bulu, Nkhope Ya Chilembwe, and Zakanika. On an interview with TV Malawi’s Wellington Kuntaja on Sweeney Chimkango’s produced Face to Face, Gwaladi admits having formeda an accompanying band called "Kupata Kwa Ana". Gwaladi's talent has been recognized by many because of his consistent style of music that is very traditional and very streets-singer-like.
He has also been labeled controversial due to his songs tackling issues considered taboo in Malawian culture. For example in Ndinafa Bulu, Gwaladi wonders why the authorities arrest women who abbandon their babies after birth while they are not bothered by someone who throws a condom after sex, because according to him it comes up to the same thing in the end; the loss of life.
Joe Gwaladi has achieved great internet success from videos posted on Youtube which features him with dancers both old and young, dancing without any reservations.

Though Joe Gwaladi’s videos have been described by some as unprofessional and even sometimes encouraging what the song discourages, the message is always very powerful. Gwaladi talks about AIDS, poverty and many other social issues affecting Malawians. Joe Gwaladi has collaborated with the following musicians on many levels(Producion,Concerts,Promotion):
Evence Meleka, Joseph 'Dimingu' Tembo, Saul Chembezi, Thomas Chibade (Mr A.E.I.O.U), and Maliseni aka Annie Matumbi.

Watch Video of Joe Gwaladi

Friday, June 27, 2008

Joseph Nkasa: Biography, News, Videos, Music

Joseph Nkasa is an author, publisher musician from Malawi who sings Malawian reggae and traditional music. He is called PHUNGU which could be translated as the spokesman for the poor. Nkasa recorded 3 albums which almost went unknown to the Malawian public. The Fourth album, Wayenda Wapenga was almost an overnight success for Nkasa who became an overnight celebrity. His success was mainly due the content of his songs. Nkasa has the reputation of being an outright self proclaimed spokesman for the Malawian poor men and women.
He has also sung about the AIDS pandemic. Malawi is a very poor country and Nkasa’s songs give hope and reassures others that one day they will be better of (Like in his well known songs, ZosayinaSayina and Mamiliyoneya). Wayenda Wapenga was well received and it broke records of sales of other well established musicians like Lucius Banda and Billy Kaunda. The fifth album Tigwirane Manja (Let us be United) is known by many as his second album because of the success he got from Wayenda Wapenga. Tigwirane Manja broke new records in Malawian by selling 210,00o copies within four months of its release. The Copyright Society of Malawi (COSOMA) gave him a check of 1,000,000 Kwacha (Equivalent to 10,000 USD at the time for the musical rights. Apart from singing about social issues, Joseph Nkasa has expressed his political views in songs like Nkhope, a song about the importance of choosing competent men and women to lead the country. He once said that he would not be involved in politics, but in his latest album he clearly sided with the current Malawian president and in his famous song, Mose Wa Lero, Nkasa parallels the current President, Bingu Wa Mutharika with the Biblical Moses, in terms of his achievements as a leader. Many Malawian Bloggers condemned the comparison and argued that it has a negative on the minds of many Malawians who mainly rely on radio to get information. The song, according to them, is shoved on the listener’s throat who in turn can simply swallow Nkasa’s idea and point of view. Others categorised the song under propaganda.
Joseph Nkasa is an icon on the Malawian music scene. He is usually accompanied on stage by his Zosayina band. He has sung with Evans Milika, Saul Chembezi and Joseph Alfazema. He once said that fellow musician Thomas Chibade is imitating his way of singing.

Joseph Nkasa's Discography
Album 1
Album 2
Album 3
Wayenda Wapenga (2002)
Tigrirane Manja (2004)
Malawi (2007)

Watch Ungandiuze chiani (This is an attack on fellow musicians)

Ndifedi Amalawi (A song praising Malawi, tracing Malawian history and praising Kamuzu Banda and his government

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Jennifer M'modzi

By Brandon Cone

BDN Staff Writer


Jennifer M’modzi admits that she lives in “a man’s world.”

The 28-year-old native of the African city of Lilongwe, Malawi, has succeeded in a male-dominated society despite her gender. She has earned the job of CEO of a Christian radio station in Malawi, one of only 14 radio stations in the country.

M’modzi has made a visit to the Ozarks this week and will speak to a women’s group at the Tri-Lakes Center in Branson Friday about the Christian ministry the radio station is providing in Malawi.

“Some of the ladies got the stories of what we are doing back home, so the women at Tri-Lakes Church, The Women of Worship, put together some money and got us a ticket so they could hear more about what we’re doing back home.”

M’modzi said her radio station, Channel for All Nations (CAN) 101.5 FM, plays primarily Christian music with about 60 percent of the programming in the native language of Chichewa and 40 percent in English, which is the universal language of trade throughout the African continent.

M’modzi said in addition to the Christian programming the station airs government broadcasts about spreading diseases such as tuberculosis and HIV. CAN has also featured informational spots from the American embassy in Malawi.

“We worked a lot back home with the American embassy as well on democracy and human rights, so we did a lot on conflict resolution — traditional, political and religious conflict resolution,” M’modzi said. “We hope we will get to work with other organizations as well.”

M’modzi said the station also has programming to target its primary audience, the youth of the nation, in a population with an average life expectancy of 34.

“We talk about drug abuse, we talk about different issues the youth face in our country, so it helps that we have a youthful work crew there,” M’modzi said.

The young CEO said it has become part of her personal mission to help the youth in Malawi, much in the same way she was once helped.

“I grew up around Christian people in a Christian home — not very practicing — but a Christian home,” M’modzi said. “We went to Sunday school, we memorized verses, we knew what you should do and shouldn’t do.

“As I was growing up — 21 and there about — I really lost my way and got into things I shouldn’t have done. A lot of sexual stuff, alcohol abuse, a lot of dysfunctional relationships and so on, but in 2004 I was blessed to get back to the Lord. Some people led me back to a good place and prayed for me. That really helped me get back on track and now everyday is a blessing.”

M’modzi said she has also faced some hardships since taking over the radio stations job of CEO.

“I really just got the job by luck,” M’modzi said. “I had the most experience in marketing and had worked for the state’s radio station, so they went ahead and gave me the job.”

M’modzi said one of the trials she has overcome is the unreliable electrical service in Malawi.

“The power will often go off for hours, and we will be off the air,” M’modzi said. “But a local church has donated a generator to us, so we can stay on the air.”

She said the other challenges have come from being a woman in a leadership position.

“I haven’t had any problem from Christian men, but others wouldn’t show me respect or do the things I asked them to do because I am a woman,” M’modzi said. “But it is just tradition, it’s how people were raised.”

She said since then the situation has improved with younger people, just starting their careers, being hired at the station.

She said she will also receive more respect from men after she marries her fiance, Mark Bottomani, in December.

“That will keep men from flirting with me just because I am not married,” M’modzi said. “Mark is a very good Christian man. He will make a very good husband.”

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Friday, June 20, 2008

Wisdom Chitedze:News,Discography,Video,Information

Wisdom Chitedze is a renowned musician from Malawi. He is respected for his work on songs like Odala Mayi, Misonzi and Tipewe. Wisdom Chitedze sings African hip hop and rnb in English, Chichewa and Tumbuka. The single from his first album, Tipewe was played almost daily on the local TV Malawi immediately after its release. The song was popular due to the potent message hidden in the lyrics. Wisdom raps about the dangers of HIV/AIDS and begs his listeners to abstain (abstain is translated as Tipewe in the local Chichewa). The song features Stix, Jerome Kalilani from Real Elements (Tay Grin's cousin) whom in the video acts as a victim of AIDS who advises his friends to abstain and stay faithful to their partners. In the ending lines, Wisdom tells his friends that he has spoken, and now the ball is in their camp; it is for them to act upon the message. Chitedze's sophomore album also enjoyed massive airplay with songs like Misonzi (tears) and Odala Mayiwa an ode to his mother and all the mothers who have gone through many things to raise a wise son.

Wisdom teamed up again with Stix in Zimatere which is probably one of Wisdom's best composition in terms of lyrics and musical arrangements. Noteworthy is also Father me, a song featuring Erasto.
Wisdom Chitedze is well known and respected in Malawian and African hip hop circles. He is a friend of fellow Malawians Shadre Sangala of Kapirintiya, Prolifik, Bleek, ReaZon Y, Set Apart, The Gospel, Chatrock, and Insight. Wisdom has worked with Lilongwe hip hop guru Dominant One.
Other Works: Wisdom Chitedze has done a very funny clip on youtube called Chichewa Chamakono mime. It is also noteworthy that not all of Chitedze's songs have a serious undertone like Tipewe and Tipewe. He sometimes demonstrates his comedic genius just like he did with with the youtube clip. This is clearly demonstrated in songs like Mahopu kuputsita and Oga.
Watch the Video of Tipewe by Wisdom Chitedze Featuring Stix

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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Peter Pine Mawanga: Videos,discography, News, informations

Peter Pine was born Peter Henderson Mawanga in Malawi on the 14th of February 1978.. He started his singing career at a tender age with another famous musician to be Lawrence Mbenjere. Mawanga then released in the early 2000s a song called (They live in Blantyre) which describes the hard reality of the city.Amakhala Ku Blantyre Amakhala ku Blantyre was released as single and it enjoyed massive air play on local radio stations and the Nation’s TV station, TVM. The album appropriately entitled City Life, contained a remix to the song. The album is song in Chichewa and English over a mix of African RnB, Soul and Jazzy sounds.

Peter Mawanga has performed several times at Harry’s Bar in Old Town, Lilongwe and together his Amaravi Band, he performed at the Lake of Stars festival in 2005. He also performed at the Ethel Mutharika Foundation Festival held in September 2007.
Mawanga is not only a musician but also a music producer, and a music teacher. He has organised children aid projects with Justin Malewezi (from Real Elements) he has founded The Malawian Child, an organization aiming to provide education, food and love to orphaned children.

Peter Mawanga’s Discography:
City Life (2003) (Produced by Abtrak Beatz Entertainment)
Vingo’ma na Visekese (In collaboration with SASO or Salima Aids Support Organisation)
Zanga zo Mama (2008)(Produced by Abtrak Beatz Entertainment)

with additional information by Abstrak Beatz Entertainment (Picture by), Nyumba Ya Thanzi
To listen to samples from Zanga Zo Mama (2008) click here.


Monday, June 16, 2008

Bleek and Lulu (Maluv) News, Information,Discography, Video

Bleek and LULU (Maluv)
Listening to Maluv's Tingathe a composition by the duo, I couldn’t help remember the slogan of the current Democrat candidate, Barack Obama: Yes we can! We can bring Change and hopefully stop the deadly speed of the the AIDS pandemic. Maluv calls the church leaders and the politicians to unite in the fight against AIDS. The only cure is “Kupewa” or abstaining. This is an appropriate message given in clear and smooth vocals over a Malawian RnB track. Yes We can! And just like Barack Obama, the duo has demonstrated its prowess in the world of Malawian RnB.
For those living in Lilongwe, Bleek has been known in the RnB circles for the past 8 years. He joined Lulu, another renowned Malawian RnB pionneer to form Maluv (Malawian Love) to sing and produce an afro-Caribbean style of RnB.
These two Malawian gurus have worked with many Malawian artists and musicians including Soldier Lucius Banda, Annie Matumbi and Skeffa Chimoto.
According to their Myspace page, they are working on an upcoming album to be released later this year which will be appropriately called “Love”
Yes Malawi can! Yes its Malawi music can achieve something!
Watch the video Iwe by Maluv

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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Thomas Chibade News, Discography, Video,Information

Thoomas Chibade Before 2005
Thomas, fourth born, in a family of five was born in 1986 in Zomba, Likaluma village, tradition authority Chikowi. He went to Mtima Woyera Primary school where he did his primary school education up to standard six. He lost his mother when he was only twelve. Like many orphans, what followed was disaster.
“I was staying alone and I had no clothes,” recalls Chibade. Going to school on an empty stomach was the order of the day. No wonder he could mistake an ‘a’ for ‘o’. He then dropped out from school and decided to go to Chileka in search of ‘gold.’ He joined the band wagon of other street children in Blantyre in the bricks business. He was not in the lorries ferrying the bricks but in the fields moulding them.

When life became too unbearable he decided to go back to Zomba. Milepa Trading centre, Jenala and Mayaka markets became his usual ‘show’ venues. Together with his friend, Patrick Gambatula, they trod in the neighbourhood with their guitar, K5, yes five kwacha per song they entertained those who paid and even those who bargained for less than the five kwacha. Come sunset, they counted what they had collected; 5, 10, 15 … up to 200 kwacha. They thanked God, ate and slept.

Come 2004, Thomas was brought back to Blantyre not to mould bricks but to record his first ever single Ulova which was recorded at Pro Sounds studios. Had he collected enough 200 kwachas to manage to pay exorbitant fees they charge in the studios?
“Mr Chikwatu, having noticed talent in me, decided to sponsor me to record a single which exposed my talent to other people,” says a thankful Chibade.

2005: Chibade Meets Ralph Ching’amba
Chibade moves in the company of big people except in other days when he remembers to go around with his friend, Patrick Gambatula, to give him backing vocals. He has one of the latest Nokia cell phones. He eats in good restaurants in town. He sleeps in motels. He leaves a motel without knowing how much he paid for his accommodation. Ralph Ching’amba, the ‘saviour’ who recorded his album and offers him accommodation at his home in Chigumula, takes care of everything. He goes to another show.
People close their recording studios. Other musicians go to studios in Blantyre just to find the studios closed. Chibade has taken (or have they followed?) them all to his shows. They come the following day, they find Chibade in the studios, not recording but coating the ‘buy me’ magic to the music of the renowned musicians who fail to see why their music cannot sell much any more. “Bola tiyese Chibade,” they try him.
Life is not the same with other musicians. Just a year ago, they were in the print houses reprinting their cassette covers.
Allegations erupt. ‘He is singing like me. That is my beat. I’m original and I sing serious music,’ one musician says yet people are not serious with him but Chibade’s.
Ralph backs his production, “Aren’t these two from Zomba? Can they have very different dialects? Can somebody claim ownership of local reggae?”

The fact remains, the market’s smile is on Chibade now. He says he has 33 songs from which he will select the best for his next album to be released come April, 2006. The questions that many of us have are: Is Chibade really benefiting from the sales of his album and the shows he is holding regularly? When the market denies him the smile like it has done to other artists before, will he continue to smile? Will Chibade stay in his house one day with his fiancee Esthere Maulana of Mpanje Village in Zomba and say, all this you see came from my music career?

Watch the Video of Thomas Chibade taken from Defao Collection

With additional information from Montfort Media Balaka, Malawi

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Malawi Flames

The fall of the great African teams and the emergence of the so called underdogs in African football:
MALAWI 1- Egypt 0

Rwanda 3-Morocco 1
Uganda 3-Angola 1
Sierra Leonne 1- South Africa 0
Gabon 1- Ghana 0
Tanzania 0 - Cameroon 0

MALAWI BEATS EGYPT! Malawi's Chiukepo Msowoya scores putting Malawi on the first position in group 12 followed by DRC. Malawi Moto. Click here to read More.

Sally Nyundo:News, Discography,Video,Information

SALLY NYUNDO was born Bernard Sally Nyundo on 7th October 1976. He started out in 1994 with Imagez Band. He’s recorded great songs like Chule Chule, Namwali, Kukuchedwa Kucha to mention a few. His music career gained recognition in 2000 when he joined the House Of Lions which won the first Malawian Music Award ‘Malawi Gin Music Trophy’. Later in the same year he recorded his first solo album ‘NYIMBO’ of which one of the songs, Rasi Amadya Nzimbe (Rastas Eat Sugarcane), became a national anthem and a positive boon for the Rasta community. It was also voted the Best Video by the first Television Malawi music video show.

His music is timeless and has led to Sally’s recognition as one of Malawi’s best reggae artists . In 2003 Sally recorded his 2nd Album ‘BIMBI OVERSTANDING’ which led to sponsorship from the French Cultural Centre to visit Reunion Island to work with a
local reggae band Rouge Reggae and resulted in a performance alongside the famous Jamaican group Israel Vibrations. While there, he landed a recording deal with Zonne Records where in 2005 he recorded his 3rd Album ‘NYASA REGGAE REVOLUTION’.

Nyundo, the actor

Under the umbrella of Nanzikhambe, Sally has acted in many plays. one of them,
African Macbeth. Set in an election year, this is an explosive mix of witchcraft, civil war and political ambition in modern day Africa. Ben Michael, Sally Nyundo and Sam Katimba play the witches, using their unique mix of traditional music and reggae to create a dark, frightening background of tradition, superstition and supernatural happenings.

On th picture above: Sam Katimba, Ben Michael and Sally Nyundo playing the witches.

Sally Nyundo's Discography:
Namwali (1999) ( With Diwa)
Nyimbo (2001)
Bimbi Overstanding (2003)
Nyasa Reggae Revolution (2005)
Usadandaule Malawi (2008)

Most popular songs Chipako, Ras Amadya Nzimbe, Kukuchedwa kucha, Silila.
Video of Chipako (Copyrights JandD Records)

support Sally Nyundo by buying his latest album by clicking here.

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Rudo Mkukupha:News, Discography,Video,Information

Rudo Mkukupha
A very famous musician from Malawi in the late 90s and early 2000s. After taking some time off from the local music scene to travel and spend time with her family, Rudo is currently preparing a come back album due later this summer. Rudo said her three-year silence was due to motherhood and her many travels to the UK and to the United States, where she spent the last two and half years.The album is entitled Sindingasunthike. Her last album was well received by the Malawian public, especially the single Anandifera. Most of the songs from the upcoming Sindigasunthike were recorded in a studio in the United States. She is married to M Chakwera and they have one child and they live together in Lilongwe, Malawi.

Lucius Banda:News,Discography,Video,Information

Lucius Banda is a Malawian musician and politician. Until August 2006, he was an MP for the district of Balaka North, but lost his seat because he was convicted of having fake academic qualifications. He was sentenced to 21 months of hard labour in Zomba prison, but released in November 2006, three months and two appeals after his arrest. This experience inspired one of the songs of his latest album, 'Cell 51'.

Banda started his musical career in the Alleluya Band, but later formed his own band, Zembani. He was controversial to Dr Hastings Kamuzu Banda's regime. He was the first Malawian musician to sing openly against political oppression in Malawi during the decades of one-party rule. He has been host to many popular musicians, helping to begin the careers of Mlaka Maliro, Paul Chaphuka and Anthony Makondetsa. He has approximately 16 albums of his own. Lucius has changed his music genre after many Malawian musicians copied his style.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Tay Grin:News,Discography,Video,Information

At age 9 Limbani Kalilani asserted he would be his own boss. At 14 he predicted two things; that he would own his own company and be a rap music sensation before he was 21. Both came true; Phone Yanu (Pvt) Ltd, one of the most successful recent start-up companies and competitive wireless mobile public payphone company in Malawi is his brainchild and Tay-Grin the hip-hop artist is his alter-ego.

Tay-grins music targets the youth urging them to take pride in their nation and culture. To take responsibility, utilize their God given talents and find value in contributing to a positive and brighter future. Whilst emphasizing the need to eradicate negativity and low self-esteem.

Each step, each decision, each enterprise must be a positive one and one that will enable and empower at least one other person. In the words of legendary “edutainment” guru KRS-One “each one must teach one” Entertainment merged with education is a medium for speaking to the youth in a language they are most comfortable with, without feeling preached to or lectured at.

The first rap artist to make an impression on Tay was Jay-z. Impressed by the history and acuity of hip-hop in poetic diction, musicality, message and its influence on the world over the last 30 years, Tay knew he had found the appropriate medium for self-expression and influence. Honing his rap skills since his teens, Tay has been influenced by legendary rappers like Jay-z, KRS 1, B.I.G and Tupac. To find his individual and distinctive rap voice however, Tay looked inwards at his African soul and found that the roots of his African heritage and Malawian culture gave him his true and unique style that complemented the original American hip-hop template.

A chance meeting with Onree Gill, Alicia Keys manager, in 2005 on a Chicago-Atlanta flight confirmed that he had a hip-hop destiny. This was further emphasized in a brief meet with Craig a multi- platinum producer for the likes of Kanye West in Chicago at the Hinge Studios. On return to Malawi, Tay poured his energy into his first ever track and scored a number-one hit with ‘Break-Out’. The track was an underground and club hit, gearing the public up in expectation of an album. But not one to take things lightly, Tay spent the next 18 months in the lab creating a unique sound; a fusion of cultural music and hip hop. The highly anticipated debut album ‘Split Screens’ is scheduled to drop early next year (2008).

Split Screens’ features 12 tracks (incl. the hit singles Ndabwela, 2 by 2 and Stand Up). The album is engineered & mastered by internationally recognized premier producer Tapiwa Bandawe. ‘Split Screens’ features guest appearances from hip-hop’s finest, Channel O’s Award winning Scar from Botswana’s, best Selling Kwaito/Kwasakwasa artist VEE Wamampela A.K.A Taku Taku and Malawi’s RnB sensation Dan Lufani just to mention a few.

Tay’s first single ‘Stand Up’ a wholly Malawian produced song and video, first aired on Channel O in March 2007 and has not stopped playing since. Tay’s conscious and positive music is popular both in Malawi and abroad. He has already gained respect and recognition as clearly evidenced by his Channel O Spirit of Africa nominations for ‘Stand Up’. Tay Grin’s Channel O music award nominations make him the first Malawian Musician to ever receive three (3) nominations for the Channel O Spirit of Africa Music awards. The nominations were as follows;

  • Best male
  • Best Southern African Video
  • Best hip hop Video

Tay recently performed live for over a million viewers across Africa on the hit show Big Brother Africa during one of their eviction night shows.

Visit his official website

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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

David Rubadiri

David Rubadiri was born in Liuli, Malawi, on July 19, 1930. Poet, novelist, playwright, university professor and diplomat, permanent ambassador of his country to the United Nations. He made studies in Makerere University College, Kampala, Uganda, between 1952 and 1956 and later he studied Literature at King’s Collage, Cambridge. He received a Diploma in Education from Bristol University, England. He has been teacher at the University of Botswana and dean of the Language and Social Sciences Education Department at the same university.Member of the Executive Committee of the National Theater of Kenia, between 1975 and 1980.

Publications: Growing Up With Poetry: An Anthology for Secondary Schools, 1989; Poems from East Africa, 1971; No Bride Price (novel, 1967) in which he shows his disillusion with the post-independent style of Kamuzu Banda, that guided Malawi toward its independence from the British Empire, but whose actions as president were very controversial because of his relations with the pro-white movement of South Africa. He also wrote the play, Come to Tea, in 1965.His work has appeared in international publications such as Transition, Black Orpheus, Présence Africaine, as well as in the first anthology Modern Poetry of Africa, in 1963. Currently he is the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Malawi.

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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Stanley Nthenga:News,Discography,Video,Information

Stanley Nthenga is famous for his song Sena Jive. As a sena (Southern Malawi tribe), he sings his traditional music with chewa and sena lyrics. Stanley Nthenga is famous for the choreography in his music videos and also during his live performances. Members in the audience usually call his performances electrifying and never to miss.
Stanley Nthenga has won several Malawian awards for his chart-topper Sena Jive. The song contains a unique style of music from traditional sena instruments that trace its origins to Mbira music of Zimbabwe.

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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Andrew Matrauza:News,Discography,Video,Information

Who does not know Andrew Matrauza. His first album, Musadabwe was on top of Malawian charts soon after the realease. The song which is appropriately a wedding song describes the Malawian marriage arrangement from the groom's point of view. Musadabwe was arranged and produced by the Malawian music maestro Joseph Tembo. Andrew Matrauza release a DVD containing Musadabwe and other songs in 2007. Apart from collaborating with Tembo, he has also worked with Evence Meleka,Saul Chembezi, Thomas Chibade, Joe Gwaladi and Annie Matumbi.

Watch the video of Musadabwe by Andrew Matrauza,noteworthy is Tembo's presence in the video.

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Joseph Tembo:News,Discography,Video,Information

Joseph Tembo and the Groove Magic
This guy has performed
widely, he is one of the
most talented young guitar
wizards Malawi has ever
produced, and he has
played along side many
renowned international
performers in the likes of
Oliver Mtukudzi, etc. Joseph
France, a trip sponsored by
the French Cultural Centre,
to expand his music knowledge.
Througout his career, he has collaborated with Sally Nyundo, Lucius Banda, Mlaka Maliro and many other Malawian artists. He has produced and promoted many upcoming artists like one of his friend Andrew Matrauza who shot to stardom with the song Musadabwe. , 's style of music resembles Zimbabwean mbira music because he is a sena, a southern Malawian tribe that has a common ancestry.
Joseph Tembo is famous for his songs Dimingu, We are the Champion, Mbudye, Samalila.
Watch the video Samalila by Joseph Tembo

additional info by the Warehouse Blantyre
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Hastings Kamuzu Banda

Hastings Kamuzu Banda (1896? – 25 November 1997) was the leader of Malawi, from 1961 to 1994. After receiving much of his education overseas, Banda returned to his home country (then British Nyasaland) to speak against colonialism and help lead the movement towards independence. In 1963, he was formally appointed Nyasaland’s prime minister. Shortly after Nyasaland was granted independence as Malawi in 1964, Banda adopted a new constitution which declared him the first president. He quickly consolidated power and eventually declared Malawi a one party state under the Malawi Congress Party. In 1970, the MCP declared him the party’s President for Life. In 1971, Banda declared himself President for Life of Malawi itself.

His tenure as the leader of Malawi was controversial. He received support from the West during the cold war, but Malawi’s African neighbors scorned at Banda’s policy of full diplomacy with apartheid South Africa. Although he generally supported women’s rights, improved the country’s infrastructure, and maintained a good educational system relative to other African countries, during his tenure Malawi was firmly totalitarian and a de facto police state.

By 1993, facing international pressure and widespread protest, a referendum ended his one party state, and a special assembly stripped him of his title. Banda ran for president in the democratic elections which followed, but was soundly defeated. He died in South Africa in 1997. His legacy as dictator of Malawi remains controversial, some hailing him as a national and African hero, some denouncing him as a political tyrant.

additional information from Wikipedia.
Watch Kamuzu Banda's video

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Code Sangala, Kapirintiya:News,Discography,Video,Information

Code Sangala is a Malawian radio personality who was a contestant on the second season of the reality competition Big Brother Africa, in 2007. He was born in 1976 and works for Fm101 Malawi.

He was born in Blantyre.

Code would love to visit Paris, likes weight lifting sometimes, enjoys reading music magazines, loves nature and wants to meet Al Gore because of Gore’s role in the Global Warming Campaign.

He says that the best advice he ever got was from his father who told him to "brush your teeth and keep your breath fresh all the time."

Code relaxes with his favourite beer and a good movie, with some of his favourites being The Bourne Identity, Hitch, Casino Royale and The Rising Sun.

From his blog:

Big Brother Africa 2 Malawi representative.Stayed 77 days in the just ended reality tv show.Former head of dj's for fm 101 power.Grand son of James Fredrick Sangala the father and founder of Nyasaland African Congress,which later turned to Malawi Congress Party-Son of Mauchline Fedrick Sangala.
7th born in a family of 10 children.
Studied Mass Communication with a local institution-Worked with a Youth run non governmental organisation called Youth Arm as a coordinator for Parliamenatry Tours and a producer for a feature in a radio magazine programme called "Straight Talk".
Have done a lot of radio and stage acting.
A musian who plays guitar and has two albums out with a brother name Shadre-We call our group-Kapirintiya.Currently licensed the song"Makwacha"to a London based record label called Black Mango Music.The song will be featured on the first Malawi music compilation Cd.[]
Kapirintiya music is definately going to make you want to come to Ndirande,a township from
where we were born and raised.Currently working on a third studio album.
Met with Nelson Mandela in 2003 when i represented Malawi as a Big Brother Africa reporter.
I was a spokes person and coordinator for"Our Walk Out of Poverty"a malawian version of Live 8,initiated by fm 101 Power with support from other malawi media institutions.The highlights about the show were showcased on BBC focus on Africa.]
I have a passion for music and one of my big music links is Malia-the only Malawian singer signed to a big record label,Sony Bmg.Visit her site for more info at
Love travelling,playing guitar and making music,Hiking.watching tv,Reading among other hobbies.Learning how to swim and want to persue swimming as the next hobby.

read an article on Code who is now a daddy

LISTEN TO Makwacha by CODE

additional info from bba2 site,

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Friday, June 6, 2008

Jerome Kalilani, Real Elements:News,Discography,Video,Information

The return of local hip-hop icon (Daily times)
16:44:32 - 13 June 2008

From Stix to David, that is how Jerome Kalilani has redefined his life, shifting from the fancy hip-hop lyrics to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

He was called Stix. Now gospel hip-hop is his new game, he has changed his name to David.

After so much tongue twisting as a hip-hop artist, from the early days he starred for the pioneering local hip-hop group the Real Elements in the late 90s, David’s lyrics are now filled with the Holy Spirit, occasionally reminding his fellow MCs of his new identity.

Probably inspired by biblical David -- the youngest son of Jesse, handpicked by God, anointed by Samuel, and became Israel's second, and greatest king – the hip-hop star is breathing the gospel of Jesus Christ and spitting the mightiness of God.

In ‘Exodus Part Two’— the song in the compilation Spirit Filled Spit Kickaz -- he declares: “I am not Stix anymore I am David.” Although the song is an insight of his newly found happiness in Jesus Christ, ‘Resurrection’ -- a song from his forthcoming album HeartCore Music -- justifies his change of name:

“I’m not Mase don’t welcome me back/Dearly beloved my name is David/ I’ve been baptised this is the resurrection.”

After accepting Jesus Christ as his saviour, David’s expectations from his fellow MCs is engraved in the potential young men have to influence the behaviour of the youth and be leaders.

“Tay-Grin what's going on cousin/ I hear you're blowing up right now your name is buzzin/ I pray you get saved and become born again and for Jesus Stand Up!/ We could go out in two by two's preaching Jesus,” David appeals to his cousin Tay-Grin real name Limbani Kalilani.

That is what his fans should expect from the lyricist, who – together with fellow MCs like KBG, Gino, Taritta, Chi-Netik and Grace Alumni – has added meaning to the genre most sought after and enjoyed by the youth.

After reflecting on his life, David saw the need to come closer to the youth and share with them the word of God.

“These days a lot of people are preaching a luke warm Gospel,” emphasises David, like the biblical David, his exaltation of the name of God is now his business.

“We are praying for impact and transform lives because we believe Jesus Christ has called us to do this,” he says.

He appeals to C.O.D.E and Dynamike in ‘Exodus Part Two:’

“Chatrock ‘This Little Light’ was a classic I've still got that album playing on my iPod/ Please God Dynamike drop a new album/ C.O.D.E. I watched Big Brother/ Don't become friends with the world my Brother/ You may become enemies with God my Brother/ They welcomed you home like a King/ I hope you didn't forget Jesus Christ is the King.”

David says that’s what his fans should expect.

The compilation will be released next month and it will be distributed freely while his forthcoming album will be in stores next year.

“The compilation will also be accompanied by a free DVD which includes testimonies of young people who have been saved and filled with the Holy Spirit,” he says.

The lyricist says the album aims to show that God has emotions and He is relational not a distant authority figure that stands far away.

David’s album HeartCore Music, is a product of team work. Robert Morel, Yosefe Banda and Taritta Kansichi and Eugene Moura are among those handling this album.

“My music will remind Malawi that this nation can impact the world,” he says.

David says he will be releasing one disc at a time. The first disc is an English album the second disc is a Chichewa album. The Chichewa album is titled Warm Heart Core Music.

Born on December 26, 1982, David linked up with the Real Elements in 1999.

The other members of the group were Marvel, Kimba (Plan B) and Q. The group pioneered local hip-hop with the release I came in 2000 and a follow-up album African Star in 2003.

The group traveled across Africa, promoting their act while ‘These Elements’ video made rotations on the local radio stations and Channel O.

While working on their third album T.O.S (The Other Side) the members of the group got busy with private projects and the album was not released.

Kimba is now living in the United Kingdom, Marvel is in the United States and Q is now based in Lilongwe.

Watch These Elements by Stix (David) with Real Elements

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Vincent Khonyongwa

Vincent khonyongwa also known as Easy V, is a 29 year old journalist from Malawi, working as Chief Reporter for the Public broadcaster MBC. At present Vincent is attending a journalism summer course at Cardiff University in the UK.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Chakuchanya Harawa:News,Discography,Video,Information

Chakuchanya Harawa from
Chakuchanya Harawa
Chakuchanya Harawa
I first stood in front of a studio mic when I was twelve, playing a small acting role in a programme called Theatre of the Air back home in Malawi.

A few years later I became a regular on the show and then I got a lead role on another popular weekly radio soap.

I presented my first radio show on a college FM station, I was studying communications. My broadcast career took off after I graduated with a short stint at an FM station before I got a break on national radio.

Once, during a "midnight to dawn" shift I fell asleep on air. There were seventeen minutes of silence before I was woken up by the DJ coming to start the next shift!

I am also a singer and recording artist. My music is an attempt to fuse the Malawian traditional sound with Western elements; at the moment, I'm working on a project with a reggae flavour for 2007.

At college I sang and played guitar in a band called "Chaku and the Afro-Praise Band" and on a recent visit to Malawi, I was surprised that my music still enjoys considerable airplay.

Many thanks to Malawian DJs!

What inspires you?

My mother in Malawi. She has always inspired me. I speak to her regularly on the phone.

Your choice of tune for a Saturday night?

Anything which has the guitar sound of the great Carlos Santana.

Your choice of tune for a Sunday morning?

Anything by the gospel reggae band "Christafari"

Your favourite African novel?

Black Skin, White Masks by Frantz Fanon

What is your signature dish?

Nsima (cooked maize meal) with pumpkin leaves and Chambo fish (Chambo is a species of the tilapia family). Ever heard the saying "you have not visited Malawi if you have not tasted Chambo?" Try it next time you are there.

what drink would you have with it?


What makes you angry?

Angry? I never get angry because anger has unpleasant effects. It makes you the victim. But double standards and betrayal annoy me.

Why do you love Africa?

Africa is Zion.

What depresses you about Africa?

Political systems that never seem to get us anywhere.

What do you always bring back from a trip home?

Sweet memories.

Finally..your proverb or Last Word?


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Monday, June 2, 2008

Kennedy Nkombezi

KENNEDY’S PROFILE from capital fm Malawi

  • My name is Kennedy Nkombezi Born in 1978 on 12th August

  • First born in a family of two boys
  • My father came from T/A Mlumbe, Zomba district

  • My mother came from T/A Liwonde, Machinga district

  • I did my primary school in different districts because my father was a civil servant

  • When I was a small child each time we were listening to the radio, I used to ask my father if he knew the one speaking inside the radio, thinking there was someone inside the radio. I remember at one time, I wanted to smash the radio simply because I wanted to see the person inside.

  • I am a fun lover of music since my childhood, but I never thought I would be playing with CD’s and Decks. My dream was to become a priest. When I was selected to H.H.I. Secondary School was when I began to like Deejaying. I remember I used to bring Discos at school and doing some sort of simple Deejaying.

  • When I completed my Secondary Education, I worked as petrol attendant for a short time. From there, I got a job at Club visions as a DJ, this is where I showcased my talent and Radio 2 fm spotted my talent and offered me an opportunity to work as a part time DJ.

  • I later joined Capital Radio as a full time DJ in 2003 and since I joined this Radio station, I became one of the most popular DJ’s in Malawi.

  • I was nominated as the best Radio personality in Celtel Luso awards in 2005. This award involved all radio stations in Malawi and it was the first and last award. This means that currently, I am still an award winning DJ.

  • I am an all-rounder presenter I present Traffic Jam and Mingoli programmes (a local music programme).and these are my favourite programmes.

  • I read news, I also have technical experience in public address and I am a good master of ceremony in any event.

  • I like watching boxing, soccer and listening to music when I am home and I like traveling to different places.

  • When it comes to food, I like everything that is delicious.

  • I am happily married to Linnie Mwale (now Mrs Nkombezi) and I have two children (my beautiful girls, Monalisa and Melanie)

  • Pay me a visit anytime, any day and you will never regret because I am friendly and hard working.

  • I hate nonsensical things and ideas

  • My motto “ NO FOOD FOR LAZY BONES”

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