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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Forget Madonna and her adoptions-Malawi deepens into Chaos

The media around the world is currently focusing on Madonna's second adoption. At the same time, Malawians are looking forward to exercise their rights on May 19th when they will democratically elect a president, only for the fourth time after their country's independence from the British Colonizers in 1964. Late Friday, the main contender in the elections; Mr. Bakili Muluzi has been rejected as a candidate because he was the first democratically elected president for 2 consecutive terms. According to the Malawian constitution, Mr Muluzi is not eligible to run again after two 5 year terms.
This has caused tension in the Malawian cities of Lilongwe and Blantyre. Many are fearing that this may turn into violence as Mr Muluzi has thousands of faithful supporters who have pledged their allegiance to him. The violence could also be sparked by the arrest of Mr. Muluzi late Thursday after finding him guilty of theft of monetary aid during his presidency. Mr Bingu wa Mutharika the current Malawian head of state claims that the arrest does not have any political motives.
The current tense situation reminds many of the last Kenyan elections that escalated into unprecedented violence.
While Malawi deepens into political chaos, the foreign media has fixed its unflinching attention on Madonna's ongoing adoption saga.

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