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Friday, May 30, 2008


We talked to a few people who went to school with Hazel Warren, the Malawian Big Brother Africa runner up and they have confirmed that she is NOT 25 years old as she claims but instead she is 29. Why would someone LIE about their age? Is it really shameful to say you age? This is not good at all.


Anonymous said...

It is not good at all to lie about your age!!!! We have seen people lie about their age inorder to be elligible for something that is falling outside their real age group. A typical example is in the football world. The players who play in the under 17 or 20 teams are mostly those above that age group.
Coming to your issue of Queen Hazel. I am not even surprised by this article. A lot of bad things are now being said about this lady who has made me to be a proud Malawian. Others are even saying she is not a Malawian but a Zambian. Give her a break please!!! She has done the country proud. People would always want to discredit her. For sure you also know that when you do something good not everybody is happy.
If you wanted to know her real age surely you would have talked to her relations. Parents, Uncles, Brothers and Sisters. Schoolmates???!!!! I also went to the same school that Hazel went to and if she was 29, as people alledge, definately I would have met her in one of those four years I spent there.

Mmalawi said...

In a way you're right. Hazel QUEEN made all of us proud! The only thing is that she is a role model for everybody especially the young and up coming girls in Malawi. Well when she conceals her real age, what kind of example is she giving to others?

Anonymous said...

seriously, ndikuona ngati imeneyo sinkhani! Let a girl shine n stop hating! Malawians we seriously have to get rid of this PHD bad will it be if we just support Hazel and stop trying to nail a fault on her??? I think she has poses as a good role model for the girl child, and since we are trying to promote the girl child who is statistically the majority in Malawi , why cant we try to support a rightfull cause. Everyone has blemishes...imagine for a second how u wud feel if people were all up in your business. Hazel u done us proud!

Anonymous said...

I thought I could tell from the way she looks, her face says quite a bit abour her age - she is definitely NOT 25years old BUT its ok to lie when necessary I suppose - I want to respect Hazel and if she did lie - she has her reasons!! She is indeed a role model not only to young people in Malawi but across Africa!! Thumbs up Hazel you showed us a real African woman in the house and I hope the New Year will bring even more good things your way. God bless - Love Africa