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Monday, June 2, 2008

Kennedy Nkombezi

KENNEDY’S PROFILE from capital fm Malawi

  • My name is Kennedy Nkombezi Born in 1978 on 12th August

  • First born in a family of two boys
  • My father came from T/A Mlumbe, Zomba district

  • My mother came from T/A Liwonde, Machinga district

  • I did my primary school in different districts because my father was a civil servant

  • When I was a small child each time we were listening to the radio, I used to ask my father if he knew the one speaking inside the radio, thinking there was someone inside the radio. I remember at one time, I wanted to smash the radio simply because I wanted to see the person inside.

  • I am a fun lover of music since my childhood, but I never thought I would be playing with CD’s and Decks. My dream was to become a priest. When I was selected to H.H.I. Secondary School was when I began to like Deejaying. I remember I used to bring Discos at school and doing some sort of simple Deejaying.

  • When I completed my Secondary Education, I worked as petrol attendant for a short time. From there, I got a job at Club visions as a DJ, this is where I showcased my talent and Radio 2 fm spotted my talent and offered me an opportunity to work as a part time DJ.

  • I later joined Capital Radio as a full time DJ in 2003 and since I joined this Radio station, I became one of the most popular DJ’s in Malawi.

  • I was nominated as the best Radio personality in Celtel Luso awards in 2005. This award involved all radio stations in Malawi and it was the first and last award. This means that currently, I am still an award winning DJ.

  • I am an all-rounder presenter I present Traffic Jam and Mingoli programmes (a local music programme).and these are my favourite programmes.

  • I read news, I also have technical experience in public address and I am a good master of ceremony in any event.

  • I like watching boxing, soccer and listening to music when I am home and I like traveling to different places.

  • When it comes to food, I like everything that is delicious.

  • I am happily married to Linnie Mwale (now Mrs Nkombezi) and I have two children (my beautiful girls, Monalisa and Melanie)

  • Pay me a visit anytime, any day and you will never regret because I am friendly and hard working.

  • I hate nonsensical things and ideas

  • My motto “ NO FOOD FOR LAZY BONES”

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