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Friday, October 29, 2010

Why Malawi and Africa needs Jon Stewart

He is America's most trusted man. He is smart, says what he wants and he says it at the time when the ears of the listeners want to be tickled with his logic. He knows when to hit the notes and how high or low they should sound. Politicians fear and at the same time like him. If Jon Stewart was in Africa (By Africa here I mean Zimbabwe, Rwanda, Burundi, DR Congo, Uganda, Malawi, Libya etc), he would have been asked to stop talking and to forget about his right to express his opinions. He would have been threatened many times and if he persevered; he will be.....(Please fill in yourself)
Why do Africans need a Jon Stewart? Because he talks about the reality as it is. Though seeing the world with liberal glasses; he publicizes what people are talking while drinking with their buddies, he advertises to the world the needs of the public not forgetting takings swaps at politicians. He amplifies the undertone murmurs of Americans. Africa needs such liberty of expression. In many African countries; Mr Stewart would be tried and probably accused of inciting the masses to action. violence. On the other hand, America likes Jon. The American President, Mr Barack Obama even appeared on his show last Wednesday. You better like him or you end up fired like CNN's Rick Sanchez.
Jon Stewart and faux conservative workmate Steven Colbert are organizing the "Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear" which in many African countries would be considered treason and an attempt to encourage the masses to rebel against the status quo.

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Jean Bercky said...

Jon Stewart or any other satirist for that matter, operates within a legal system that protects their freedom of expression. In our countries in Africa, leaders tend to hold themselves above the law and that's why most critics get crashed. We need a culture of dialogue and diversity of opinion as opposed to a personality cult.
In East Africa, for instance, the term "Mzee"(elder)no longer means someone whose age and experience merit them respect, now the travesty is that any individual with some influence-including thugs and gangsters call themselves Mzee" like in Mzee Nyerere, or Mandela.