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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Montreal snowstorms and refugees

Montreal was a mess late Monday afternoon as the city was hit by the first major snowstorm this season. While driving on Highway 40 East, I heard the announcer on the Radio proudly saying that the traffic jam started from the Sources in the west all the way to Anjou! Other highways were experiencing the same troubles.
A Congolese family from a Mozambican refugee Camp were spending their first evening in Montreal. According to them, this was their first evening of ‘peace and quiet’ after living in war torn areas and refugee camps for more than 10 years. The 3 youngest children were born in refugee camps. When I asked them what they thought of snow, the young children responded almost in unison:  "snow is like white corn flour only cold and with a taste of water.”  As I was driving them from the Pierre Elliot Trudeau Montreal Airport, the announcer  on the radio was talking about the current accusations  of corruption in the provincial government, the debate on high tuition fees in universities, construction companies having close ties to the Government owing money from taxes etc. As I was listening to all this information, the refugee family members were simply happy to be safe in a country where they will not be fearing for their lives as they did back in the camps.  Snowing or not, they will safer than they were last week.

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wow. montreal simply means winter in native cree