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Friday, December 26, 2008

Is Christmas Celebration for Whites Only? Video of African Santa's verbal Abuse

(Picture of a Malawian Santa?) VIDEO BELOW

I was asked several times, if I am offended when I see everywhere a white Santa Claus. I responded by saying that I really did not care because I don’t celebrate Christmas anyways.

Many Malawians and Africans alike do not bother buying chickens or turkeys (which are scarce) for Christmas. The Christmas fever that begins after Halloween day with decorations everywhere is not seen in many African countries. Even snow is never seen, except by those living close to the Kilimanjaro in Tanzania and Kenya. I talked to friends in Malawi (in Lilongwe and one in Blantyre) and they both told me that the day was special simply because they did not work. My friend in Lilongwe talked of a black Santa Claus who was distributing candy at Lilongwe Shoprite and when kids wanted to get more, he would tell them “Iwe mesa walandila kale, bwanji kodi?” (I already gave you candy, what else do you want from me?”) Christmas in Malawi and Christmas in Africa is not a 'big deal' as it is in the Western World.

As a matter of fact, Jesus Christ was not even born on the 25th of December, so what the heck!

A white friend of mine asked me today: “Do you think Christmas is a celebration mainly for the Westerners and whites?” Well you decide.

A Video of a Malawian Santa abusing kids verbally:

Picture courtesy Kim Thomas' Blog

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jAmes said...

lololol that video is HILARIOUS!

Anonymous said...

This just made my day dude Very very funny. Christmas is all commercial and all. Forget about it! Celebrating Jesus' birth when he was not even born that day MUHAAAAMUHAAA

acacia said...

obv marking the birth of jesus is for all christians black or white, but then it does get cultural with all that santa claus stuff and the whole snow thing... in LL i kept forgetting it was christmas, shoprite kept reminding me!

Mmalawi said...

I believe that Santa is the same as the McDOnald Mascot (IS his name; Ronald or something?) Well it about commercialization, selling,buying,WALMART,Shoprite and all these big corporations!