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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Kaysha's Exclusive Interview with Mmalawi Blog

Kaysha, Born Edward Mokolo is originally from Congo Kinshasa and with his parents, he immigrated to France when he was 7. He currently lives between Liboa Portugal, Brussels in Belgium and Paris in France. We had the priviledge to attend his concert last weekend at the Olympia of Montreal in Canada.
Kaysha is sometimes called the "African Timbaland" because of his ability to produce many artists from around the world as well as being a succesful artist in his own right. Kaysha is the CEO of SUSHIRAW Entertainment, a company that produces music and also a clothing line. Kaysha has collaborated with WuTang Clan's Killah Priest and many other artists like Biso na Biso's Passi. Kaysha sings Zouk/Pop/Hip Hop/Rnb/Kizomba and many other music styles.
Kaysha who fluently speaks French,English,Portuguese and Spanish was nominated for an MTV AWARD, he has won 2 prestigious KORA AWARDS among many other awards.
In this Exclusive Interview with Mmalawi Blog's Postera Tenthani, Kaysha talks about his present and future plans and also gives advice to young Malawian and African artists.

Mmalawi Blog: Kaysha it is a pleasure to have this interview with you today. Tell us, why did you choose music and not a different avenue and how did you get into it?
Kaysha: It was simply meant to be. I never made the choice, it was this since the begginning and I just had to go through the right sacrifices, the right encounters and the touch the dream & the sky...
Mmalawi Blog: How do you describe your music?
Kaysha: Freedom. My culture is so diverse, I couldn't just represent my influence by just picking one style. My music is computer generated but the influences come from electro, house, rock, reggae, zouk, hip hop, RnB, 80's pop... Everything I grew up listenin' to as a young afro-european
Mmalawi Blog: What has been your most memorable experience as a musician to date?
Way too many to just nail it to one moment... This whole life is the beautiful moment... Being able to capture the hearts of so many people and see them sing along when you perform from Portugal to Mozambique, London to Paris is just a life of memorable experiences... I'm totally blessed
Mmalawi Blog: This was well demonstrated this last saturday at your concert at the Montreal Olympia. What would you say is your biggest inspiration?
Kaysha: Life
Mmalawi Blog: Now lets talk about your soft side, what or who is the greatest love of your life?

Kaysha: My mom, my son, babymom & an ex or two...My experience is that the greatest love can be a person in a part of your life and another in the next
Mmalawi Blog: That is very interesting! Now what is your idea of perfect happiness?
Kaysha: Perfect hapiness would be wifey, kids & friends in a big warm home not too far from the sea, my studio in the basement & enuff money to see thru 3 or 4 generations... I touched that dream before
Mmalawi Blog: What do you feel is your greatest achievement?
Kaysha: The pride of my parents and my maturity as a father
Mmalawi Blog: We all know that the things happening in Africa are very sad. If you had the power to change anything in Africa what would it be?
Kaysha: If I had the power to magically change something in Africa in one day, I would just bring intelligence & education to the whole population.People would then stop allowing foreign countries stimulate hate and we would be able to create an auto alimented afro-centric continent that would stand equal before the other continents... Leaders wouldn't be able to generate hatred between people of the same blood and the masses wouldn't be easily manipulable... The countries would be clean and technologically advanced, yet totally ancred in their roots and
culture would be put in front with pride...
Watch One Love by Kaysha.

Mmalawi Blog: Now lets talk about Malawi, what is your advice for the Malawian youth?
Kaysha: Keep the head up, we're getting there...
Mmalawi Blog: In Malawi, the music does not usually reach greater heights like yours does, what is your advice for young upcoming Malawian musicians?
Kaysha: My advice would go to the government: We need to put the culture first and have laws that empowers the culture. Culture is the best way to represent a country. Musicians, actors, directors, singers, etc, need copyright, right protection, tv stations need to pay fees when they play your song and these fees would go to the creators of songs. Piracy needs to have boundaries set by the people who are supposed to represent the law. And African musicians must just understand that the future is now and it has never been so easy to sell your own music
online... Make it happen
Mmalawi Blog: Kaysha tell us, what are plans for the future?
Kaysha: I have my double cd "Forever young" that is coming out december 23rd and I'm running my label and putting out more and more records. I'm moving into film very soon and my Sushiraw African Clothing Company is also geting good exposure(
Mmalawi Blog: How can people check out your music?
Kaysha: Everything is at Kaysha.Com
Mmalawi Blog: Any last words?
Kaysha: Check out my Malawi tshirt at
And much love to you reading this interview right now. Thanks a lot for your time, Muah!
Dance with Kaysha in this Video: On dit Quoi

Buy Kaysha's music here:

Interview by Postera Tenthani in Montreal, Canada for (2008)
Photos courtesy of Kaysha.Com


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