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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Why Madonna and Malawi Are Fighting

When a Malawians go outside the country, most of the times it is to study, to work or to visit and they usually return after a period of time. Many Malawians believe in the proverb:N’kwanu n’kwanu m’thengo mudalaka njoka” (You can go anywhere, but you have to return home one day). David Banda's was the first ever adoption recorded in the history of Malawi. While Madonna had adoption plans in her mind, many Malawians thought of it as a kind act of guarding David for few years before returning him to his roots.

The dictator Kamuzu Banda went to study abroad and when he returned in the 60s, he became President of Malawi. John Chilembwe, the first Malawian to resist colonialism was educated in the United States, and is a hero and Chilembwe Day is a Malawian National holiday to commemorate his achievements. For many, especially Malawians in the villages, David Banda would simply go and come back as a hero. Madonna’s adoption plans were simply never heard of by many. (AP image)

Madonna just split with husband Guy Ritchie and is now linked to Brazilian supermodel Jesus Luz. A Brazilian website Glamurama writes about the Supermodel and David Banda’s ‘mother’: 'Everyone knows they are ficando - which is a Portuguese expression that means they are kissing and doing other things but without any obligation of being faithful or getting into a relationship afterwards.'

A father figure is very important to Malawians and for David Banda, it looks like he will not have any because Guy Ritchie was supposed to be the ‘father’ but then came American baseball star Alex 'A-Rod' Rodriguez and now Jesus Luz. All of these men are entering and exiting David Banda’s life who probably does not notice anything, as of yet. This is only 2 years after his adoption. This is all overwhelming for many Malawians. They will not understand Madonna for many years to come, even if she adopts a second child from there.


Anonymous said...

I'm an american and I just wish that Malawians should not fear Madonna and be intimidated by her. They should make the right choices.

ndatha said...

A Madonna ndi penapake saganiza bwina.
kumasintha amuna ngati zithenje

jasmin said...

madonna should never be allowed to adopt anymore children until she sorts her crap out and understands what it means to displace a african child from there families. david is not a handbag his dad might not have much but he can provide love and emotional care david needs contact with his family and people, his culture and roots are important to him when he grows up. you can bet all her money in the bank that not a day goes by that davids father does not think about his son, and david proberly freets for his dad alot, afterall he was aware of his family before madonna took him, its cruel to think she knows whats best, planes rides and toys and designer clothes dont mean crap to david, she carrys him around like hes some sort of accessory, tagging stupid Arod along as the adopted father is pathetic, arod himself dumped his wife for her and proberly do the same for his own biological kids, authorities should be looking careful at madonna, the woman is leading a disfunctional life and hanging out with a 20yr old , divorced arod who also signed his wife away like a fans autograph. madonnas not fit to look after a family dog. Im disgusted at the way some of these celebs think they doing these people a favour. If you dont know what to do with your money get a face lift or buy a oneway ticket to the next moon ride.

The Malawi Rebel said...

That a very good point. The problem with many Africans is that they think that this is it, this is the end of the world. Madonna the superstar will give them money, and thats what matters. They are Actually planning (or have already given) to give her HIGHNESS Madonna the Malawian NATIONALITY. WHAT THE HELL???????

Anonymous said...

People should be realistic, many people have and will continue to be adopted. The fact that Madonna adopted in Malawi has done our country a great deal of goodness. You might loath her because of her lifestyle i.e. marriages and other liasons that don't last but whoever gets adopted will live a good life let alone the country getting some resources through her charity works. Marriages in the west do not have the same status/meanining as those in Africa. Its their culture not lack of morals.

Thom said...

Mr/Mrs Anonymous, You said: "whoever gets adopted will live a good life" I don't think so because a good life does not mean money only. It is true that David might be a millionaire in his teens, but there's no real happiness if he does not get love from a father. That will affect him psychologically.