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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Top five reasons why Montreal is the best city for immigration

1.Montreal is a city made up of immigrants and they are self-conscious about it. English and French Canadians live 'peacefully' on the island of Montreal. Anybody can come and join them and make Montreal a home without being judged by a fellow  'immigrant'.
2. Immigrants originating from English or French speaking countries can immigrate without much difficulty with the language. (He/she can easily adjust by adding 'eh!' after every sentence or by slightly modify the French to 'quebecois').
ville de mtl
3.The same people/food from home can be found in Montreal. There are people from your country hiding somewhere in Montreal and you simply have to find them. Food from almost anywhere is in Montreal, as long as you did not forget how to cook/eat it.
4.Free activities for you. There are free activities and festivals all year long so you do not have to hibernate in your home. 
5.Love. Like all Canadians Montrealers are loving and lovable (except when they honk at you in traffic). 

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