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Monday, August 15, 2011

Top five reasons why Canadian immigrants are religious

1. Their past. Many immigrants have witnessed genocides and have gone through many life-threatening situations. Some even said that they were 'dead' and God brought them to life and one way to show their appreciation is by worshipping him.

2. Community ties. At their mosque, church or place of worship, they usually meet and interact with other Canadian immigrants from their respective countries which is heartwarming for many. Many of these religious services are carried out in the language they are more comfortable with.
3.Belief in God. Some openly say that it is the very first time in their life to meet a person who does not believe in a God or who has doubts about Godship. For many Christian immigrants, the theory of Evolution is a simple theory and can not be believed. The belief in a living God spurs many Canadian immigrants to be dedicated believers.
4. Hope in something superior. After seeing what happened in their countries and what fellow humans have done to their respective families, friends and even the environment; many immigrants in Canada have decided to believe in a power that is superior and that can bring something better than what they have experienced so far.

5. To protect their children. In many schools in Montreal and Canada as a whole; immigrant parents see how children are more independent and sometimes act differently from what they experienced in their countries of origin. To protect their children from negative influences, they bring them to  worship God and teach them to believe in a greater Power/Being.

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