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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Immigration USA and Canada: Top 5 Fears

1. Racism. Racism is real though many Canadians or Americans will not agree with this point. Many people and do not display it because they are scared to be labelled racists. Many immigrants are not happy at racial slurs or stereotypes that they encounter daily at work or school.

2.Poverty. Arriving in Canada or the USA does not forcibly mean that an immigrant is free from poverty. There are immigrants in the US lacking food to eat on a daily basis. Some of them rely on social aid for survival.
3.Deportation. Though this fear is not as common to immigrant with the American or Canadian nationality, these governments are strict on asylum seekers who misbehave. This fear causes many immigrants to be exemplary and law-abiding citizens. 
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4.Tragedy. After 'seeing death' and defying it in their country of origin, these immigrants are  looking to live long and take advance of the 'real life' because for many years they were not 'living' but barely surviving.
5.Losing their culture. As their culture is important as it defines who they really are, many immigrants prefer to hold on to it for fear of losing it forever.

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