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Friday, December 17, 2010

Congo Streets: Better than Cirque du Soleil in Montreal

Africans are very talented but simply lack the means of development. Growing in African countries I saw all types of acrobatics.One day while walking in Zambia, I remember seeing an acrobatic man licking his backbone to prove that he could curl his entire body like a tire. This is just of the many talented men and women from the African continent looking for a way to breakthrough in art, but sadly the people around these artists are busy looking for money to feed themselves and their own families before spending it on some street performer.
Acrobats in Lake Kivu, DR Congo
Montreal's Cirque du Soleil for years has been respected for its colourful and artistic shows around the world. Montreal has been the home of Cirque du Soleil for many years and has therefore contributed a lot to the company's success. If Cirque began in Congo Kinshasa, it could have been dead by now due to many factors including wars, insecurity, famine etc. I went to watch a few of their shows and in some instances I was impressed at what the human body can do!  As their latest show, Quidam opens tomorrow in Montreal, I think of the potential that Africa has. 
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