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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Top five reasons why Malawian Nyasa Times is Hated

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1. The content. The Malawi Government and many of its supporters are against the content published in the UK based Nyasa Times because it openly tells of every little or big mistake committed by the government and the President, Bingu wa Mutharika.
2.Support from Western countries. The content of the Nyasa Times has  been quoted by reputed media around the world including the Voice of America (VOA). This legitimizes their content therefore ostracizing the voice of the Malawi government.
3. The writer's political affiliations. It is known that the editors of the Nyasa Times were part of a political party running on an entirely different platform.

4.Victim vs  bully. Whenever a government goes against the media, it becomes a bully and the media a victim. Throughout the years, the Nyasa Times and the Malawi Government have been playing the victim-bully game, which as a result has been advantageous for the online Newspaper as it gained sympathy and was exposed to more publicity.
5. Exaggeration/One sided. Some believe that the Nyasa Times Newspaper is one sided and exaggerates facts to make it appealing to readers.

These for many, are the reasons why the Nyasa Times is hated. Do you have other reasons? write them in the comments below.
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