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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

MALIA: Bio, Disco, Video, Links

Malia is a Malawian artist who moved to London with her parents when she was 14 years old. In her 20s she became interested in alternative styles of music. She believes that her idol is the French singer Johnny Halliday. Malia mainly sings Jazz, Nu-Jazz and Soul. She is currently signed to the BMG/SONY label. The 30 year old Malia mainly sings in English.

Malia's discography:
  • 2002 : Yellow Daffodils
  • 2004 : Echoes of dreams
  • 2007 : Young Bones
Watch Malia Sing Little Darling

Links: Malia's Official Website


Jos Gama said...

I didnt know that we have such kinda talent in Malawi. I think that she is the only artist from Mw that has reached this level.

Anonymous said...

Go Malia go! Though not Malia Obama, the Malawian Malia is cool

UzikINblood said...

Why cant other Malawian musician be signed to BMG SONY Universal and all those big production houses. The best they can do is to be signed by ZEMBANI MUSIC COMPANY in Balaka.