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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Tajah Olson: The face of Malawi!

Born in Lilongwe Malawi in 1984, Tajah Olson is a model who currently lives in Vancouver, Canada. She did a fashion designing diploma is currently attending the presitigious Emily Carr Arts & Design Institute of BC in Fine Arts.

She has modeled for many known fashion houses in Canada and she also pursue a career in choreographing and dancing. She dreams to be a UN ambassador one day. Tajah has also been featured as the face of Radio Yako, the online Malawian Radio.

Tajah has made a her personal website which contains more information about herself and her various works and achievements.

Pictures courtesy of Tajah at (Please visit her site here 2008


acacia said...

great to see a beautiful lady doing well for herself and representing. our lack of modelling agencies make it difficult for us to follow this career path at home, but i kind of like the way friends and family appear on prominent billboards!

Chama said...

This is a very beautiful girl!! MALAWI WOYEEEEEEE

Esnart said...

Why is it that Malawian girls have to first go outside before they get recognition? Hazel Warren was a nobody before leaving for BBA3, when she came back, she's a super star. Malawians should encourage the girls in Malawi!

Mmalawi said...

Thats kinda sad. I actually agree with your comments because in Malawi, no one gives attention to models. There will be rumors going on saying that she is a prostitute or that she should simply not do it because they believe it's not "malawian". LOL
Go Tajah Olson! Go Malawi!

Anonymous said...


acacia said...

not sure i agree, i've modelled for national bank and noones called me a prostitute! its easy to be used in an advert here, just got to know the martketing manager lol. modelling in malawi is not a big deal and its definitely not a career option!

mMalawi said...

Oh I didnt know that! Thats kinda cool though. The only disadvantage is that people can hardly make a living out it because of the lack of resources in Malawi.

Anonymous said...

This girl is very talented and so beautiful, Ijust looked at her website.She will be our star in Malawi! Go Tajah!

Andrew said...

When are you running for Miss Malawi?

Anonymous said...

Wow, this girl is so pretty and very talented. Looking at website and her back ground its unbelievable how much she has achieved just at 24yrs old.

I don't think she can even contest with our local girls to become Miss Malawi, why can't we just offer her the crown she has all the values.

When are you coming home???????

Anonymous said...

I was doubting if this lady Tajah was Malawian, i have been told indeed she is. Why I love her because she is so proud of her culture.

go girl


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