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Friday, January 2, 2009

Malawi Top 10 Politicians to look for in 2009

Top 10 Malawi Politicians to look for in 2009:
1. Joseph ‘Dimingu’ Tembo (It came as a surprise that Joseph Tembo entered politics. He secured his party’s nomination to represent Chikwawa in parliament)

2. Sunganani Banda
(Lucius Banda’s Wife. Her husband is 101% behind her, doesnt she have a son called Bakili in honour of the former Malawian President?)

3. Bakili Muluzi (What will happen if he loses? What about if he wins the elections in 2009?)
5. Bingu Wa Mutharika (The current Malawian President might or might not win the upcoming elections. 2009 will tell)

7. Perth Msiska
(Ex Miss Malawi 2008 who was encouraged by Sarah Palin to join politics, what will happen to her in 2009?)

8. Billy Kaunda
(The Musician turned politician failed in the Primaries for the DPP but he is the vice Minister of Sports and Culture. What will 2009 bring for him?)

9. Joseph Nkasa
(I know he is not a politician but I had to put him on this list because he is a self proclaimed MP. What will he sing next? After “Mose wa Lero” what will 2009 bring for Joseph Nkasa?)

10. Bauleni Manna
aka Dr Crowd (A musician turned politician from Dowa who is very charismatic and seems to be causing havoc and excitement in Malawian political circles. Lets see if the crowds will follow Dr Crowd in 2009).

Do you have any other suggestions?

Watch "Mose Wa Lero by Joseph Nkasa

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