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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Malawi Music Videos: Connecting Home

Postera Tenthani.
"Malawi music video" "Malawi music Youtube" and "Malawi music" are common searches by many curious internet browsers. Their goal is to find music video from Malawi on the internet especially on video sharing websites like Youtube. To satisfy these internet users, Malawian artists like Kenny Gilmore (Amunaamuna on Youtube), Wisdom Qodesh Chitedze(Vinjeru on Youtube) and Kimba Mutanda have created personal Youtube accounts to promote their works. Malawian music can also be accesed on Youtube through the accounts of Jack Chitenje (Malawiana1) Dumisani Kapanga and Herchaklan who provide a mosaic of videos from artists like Lucius Banda, Joseph Tembo, Aphofomoka and even videos of Malawi's presidents Kamuzu Banda, Bingu wa Mutharika and Bakili Muluzi.
Interestingly, these Youtube accounts are getting thousands of hits, and comments from viewers.
Some videos have sparked heated discussions among viewers who had fights of words and ideas. Many are thankful to video sharing sites like Youtube because they help in connecting Malawians, especially those in the diaspora to their culture. Ndilibe Naye Chifuka (Mwana or Munthu) a video of the Malawian musical reggea group Black Missionaries, was voted 2008 Malawi Web Award Best Video. Videos by artists: Lawrence Mbenjere, Joseph Nkasa, Joe Gwaladi and Fuggie Kasipa are ranking among the most viewed Malawian videos because of their use of humor to tackle serious issues like HIV/AIDS, Unwanted pregnancies,marriage and even politics.
Below are some examples of videos of Joe Gwaladi and Lawrence Mbenjere:

NOTE: Due to scheduling conflicts, the Promised Exclusive Interview with Malawi musician Kimba Mutanda will be posted on Malawi Current News (Mmalawi Blog) this coming Monday morning. We apologize for any inconvenience-The Editor.

Postera Tenthani for Malawi Current News


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Clement said...

You forgot to include Bamudala6. You can take a look at one of his videos at

divarson said...

Josephy Tembo ndi mbuya wathu ife asena tonse timamunyadira. Ine Divarson Simbi from Lower Shire.

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