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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Malawi President dances to Joseph Nkasa's music

Apart from receiving thousands of dollars from his 5 albums, Malawi music guru Joseph Nkasa has received praise from many Malawians for tackling issues that affect them on a daily basis. The self proclaimed Phungu wa Amphawi or The Ambassador of the Poor sings about poverty and the secrets of attaining richess. He asks the poor to endure and wait patiently for their own day to arrive. In one of his hit song; "Zolembalemba" Nkasa says that it is already written that the poor ones will be rich. It is therefore a written prophecy waiting to be fulfilled at its own time.
Joseph Nkasa also sings about politics, though he once said: "Ndale ndi kanyama koopsya" (Politics is a dangerous animal to pet). In his album "Wayenda Wapenga", Nkasa accuses the Malawi President(Bakili Muluzi) to have promised a car to the musician who in turn did not receive it due to greed of those surrounding Muluzi.
Recently Joseph Nkasa sung "Mose Wa Lero" or Today's Moses, a song comparing the current Malawian President Bingu wa Mutharika to the Biblical Moses. The song has caused some uproar in the Malawian music community. Some have accused the musician of changing his views on politics because of monetary gains while others especially those supporting the Malawian leader dance to the tune while in accord with the artist's comparison.
The song "Mose wa Lero" has received massive airplay and it was the "theme song" of the convention of the Democratic Progressive Party(DPP) Convention where Bingu wa Mutharika "Today's Moses" was unanimously chosen to represent his Party at the May 19th Malawi Elections. Bingu wa Mutharika has danced at many public events to Joseph Nkasa's moving music.
Watch a Video of Joseph Nkasa; Malawi music 'guru':

Watch women dancing for the President to Joseph Nkasa's Song; Mose wa Lero

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