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Monday, January 26, 2009

Malawi's Kimba Mutanda:"Do not Eat Mbatata Without Water"

The multi talented musician, Kimba Mutanda talks to Mmalawi Blog about his life, his music, mbatata (sweet popatoes), John Tembo, Real Elements and much more. Kimba Mutanda played with Malawi's Real Elements but is now with the British Group; Subsource. Follow;
Mmalawi Blog: What do you consider to be your hometown?
Kimba Mutanda: I never had one.So far in my life have lived in 6 countries and too many towns to recall.
Mmalawi Blog:What is your current residence?
Kimba Mutanda: It can change any moment, but at the moment I'm in Britain.
Mmalawi Blog: You encourage others to stay and develop Malawi in your song Dearest Child. Why do you spend your time outside Malawi?
Kimba Mutanda: I'm intrigued by the varying interpretations Dearest Child produces in different people. Firstly I don't lay claim to that song. I rather say it wrote itself. The closing line of Dearest Child is 'Whatever you do, you know I wish you the greatest success'. Personally I believe any form of development comes from unity.As far as Malawi this can be achieved no matter where it's citizens are. Imagine if all overseas Malawians decided to create a development fund and contributed some of their earnings to it. Foreign curreny that they could not have earned if they stayed in Malawi would suddenly be available for use there. We just have to make sure David Banda learns Chewa, so when he's older he can throw some of Madonna's Dolla back to the land of his birth. Then again I recall a previous Banda who set out to develop Malawi that did it while only being able to talk Engrish. If David Banda ever becomes pulezidenti, I'll be viying to be his John Tembo. "M'anjamo!"
Mmalawi Blog: What happened to Real Elements, any reunion album in the making?
Kimba Mutanda: I ask that question myself. Then again the individuals in the group wouldn't be where they are today if Real Elements had not dispersed. We still present our creativity with the realness we always have.We just don't do it in the same place,or on the same songs.

Mmalawi Blog:How do you describe your style of music?
Kimba Mutanda: Depends who I'm making music with. Mostly you'll hear me Rap or Nyambuta on all sorts of styles.
Mmalawi Blog: Musically, what are you doing presently and will be doing in the future?
Kimba Mutanda: At the moment I have been blessed to be a member of a band called Subsource. We specialize in creating big,loud,noise. Za chete chete,mayazi! I also plan to get more involved in the Lake of Stars Festival. Keep making loud noise with Subsource.
Mmalawi Blog: What or who is the greatest love of your life?
Kimba: Good, healthy food.
Mmalawi Blog: What is your idea of perfect happiness?
Kimba Mutanda:Don't let others define your success. Be content with what you have,greed is evil. If you're eating sweet potato,or cassava always make sure you have some drinking water close to hand.
Mmalawi Blog:If you had the power to change something in Malawi what would it be?
Kimba Mutanda:We need to start respecting women more and seeing them as equals. Previous generations have oppressed our mothers,sisters,friends and it has to stop.

Watch Kimba with the Real Elements "These Elements"

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