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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Code Sangala, Kapirintiya:News,Discography,Video,Information

Code Sangala is a Malawian radio personality who was a contestant on the second season of the reality competition Big Brother Africa, in 2007. He was born in 1976 and works for Fm101 Malawi.

He was born in Blantyre.

Code would love to visit Paris, likes weight lifting sometimes, enjoys reading music magazines, loves nature and wants to meet Al Gore because of Gore’s role in the Global Warming Campaign.

He says that the best advice he ever got was from his father who told him to "brush your teeth and keep your breath fresh all the time."

Code relaxes with his favourite beer and a good movie, with some of his favourites being The Bourne Identity, Hitch, Casino Royale and The Rising Sun.

From his blog:

Big Brother Africa 2 Malawi representative.Stayed 77 days in the just ended reality tv show.Former head of dj's for fm 101 power.Grand son of James Fredrick Sangala the father and founder of Nyasaland African Congress,which later turned to Malawi Congress Party-Son of Mauchline Fedrick Sangala.
7th born in a family of 10 children.
Studied Mass Communication with a local institution-Worked with a Youth run non governmental organisation called Youth Arm as a coordinator for Parliamenatry Tours and a producer for a feature in a radio magazine programme called "Straight Talk".
Have done a lot of radio and stage acting.
A musian who plays guitar and has two albums out with a brother name Shadre-We call our group-Kapirintiya.Currently licensed the song"Makwacha"to a London based record label called Black Mango Music.The song will be featured on the first Malawi music compilation Cd.[]
Kapirintiya music is definately going to make you want to come to Ndirande,a township from
where we were born and raised.Currently working on a third studio album.
Met with Nelson Mandela in 2003 when i represented Malawi as a Big Brother Africa reporter.
I was a spokes person and coordinator for"Our Walk Out of Poverty"a malawian version of Live 8,initiated by fm 101 Power with support from other malawi media institutions.The highlights about the show were showcased on BBC focus on Africa.]
I have a passion for music and one of my big music links is Malia-the only Malawian singer signed to a big record label,Sony Bmg.Visit her site for more info at
Love travelling,playing guitar and making music,Hiking.watching tv,Reading among other hobbies.Learning how to swim and want to persue swimming as the next hobby.

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LISTEN TO Makwacha by CODE

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