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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Mazembe and the Unity of DR Congo

When hockey is on in Montreal, everything else is secondary.It is coomon knowledge that Canadians like ice hockey especially if they grew up in a place where the weather is cold.
It is not a secret that Africans love football. Though the (un)Democratic Republic of Congo has been ravaged by war and  poverty for decades, soccer has always been uniting and bonding. When the national Congolese football team plays in Africa, every citizen is behind them, even though they are from different tribes. In a way football has the power dig out and display the good in people and bury the bad feelings, even momentarily. It is calming to  think that at the moment that TP Mazembe will be playing in the final in the Club World Cup in Abu Dhabi; soldiers, rebels and even the president of the Congo will be glued to their televisions.

Not many from Lubumbashi thought that a glorious day like this would come for Tout Puissant Mazembe, the Almighty soccer club from D.R Congo. For years, the only trophies Mazembe could win was either regional or national.

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