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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

New York Times Not Happy about DR Congo TP Mazembe

Many Congolese in Kinshasa and Montreal were celebrating TP Mazembe’s success in Abu Dhabi though some newspapers around the globe were very critical of the club and its president. 

The New York Times wrote a piece about TP Mazembe from the Democratic Republic of Congo, the team that has surpassed all expectations by reaching the Club World Cup competition in Abu Dhabi. In the article; “TP Mazembe surprises the World, Not Itself” Jack Bell criticises Moise Katumbi Chapwe, the governor of Katanga, TP Mazembe’s province as an ambitious politician who is a big spender of his own money that he earns through questionable mining ventures. Katumbi who is also TP Mazembe’s owner is described as a Congolese Jew who is capricious and cares only about winning. For the writer of the article, it seems like Katumbi should use his money on something else and not on football because TP Mazembe will go into oblivion as soon as their owner disappear; it is therefore a waste of resources and everybody’s time (especially the reporter’s).       
This is what is wrong with the Western media; thinking that Africa is doomed and nothing good comes from that continent. Africans are always underdogs in the eyes of many European and American journalists. Though TP Mazembe lost against Internazionale in the finals, it looked like the western press felt happy and relieved because the status quo was maintained.

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