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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Cote d'Ivoire Tribal Wars and Canada

According to the country's Election Body, Lassane Ouatarra is the outright winner of last month' elections. Laurent Gbagbo, the Ivoirian president for the last 7 years refuses and wants to hold on to power.
The divisions in Cote d'Ivoire between Laurent Gbabo and Lassane Ouattara reminds me of what I see everyday here in Montreal Canada. In reality, the division is between Christians from the south and Moslems from the Northern parts of Cote d'Ivoire. Apart from religious differences, there are also tribal and ethnic lines that separates the two 'presidents'.
A similar situation has developed  in Canada between the French and English. It seems that they will never agree to live in peace. The difference though is that here Canadians will  rarely use violence or guns to demonstrate the allegiance to their origins.

Africa Oh Africa!

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