Canada through the eyes of an immigrant

Monday, December 13, 2010

Refugees, Explosions and Montreal Fireworks

For some refugees, the sound of fireworks is a nightmare.
Every Saturdays nights in December in Montreal all eyes and ears turn to the Old Port, where Telus is sponsoring an event called "Fire on Ice"; a pyromusical show that takes you to another dimension.  Hundreds of Montrealers and tourists alike are attracted to see the magic of fireworks with music under the cold breeze of winter. For many, fireworks are beautiful, breathtaking and impressive. When growing up around them, you come to view them as magical with a fairytale element to them. Hollywood and Disney movies influence many children while growing up to accept them as legitimate entertainment.    On the other hand, when you grow up around bombs, grenades and explosions, fireworks represent nothing magical or nothing to be desired. For many refugees, the noise  from fireworks explosions lead to  memories of pissing in your pants due to fear, looking for an escape, or sometimes even  making their heart beat faster or as one told me; ' having an imminent apocalyptic fear.'   

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