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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Joseph Tembo:News,Discography,Video,Information

Joseph Tembo and the Groove Magic
This guy has performed
widely, he is one of the
most talented young guitar
wizards Malawi has ever
produced, and he has
played along side many
renowned international
performers in the likes of
Oliver Mtukudzi, etc. Joseph
France, a trip sponsored by
the French Cultural Centre,
to expand his music knowledge.
Througout his career, he has collaborated with Sally Nyundo, Lucius Banda, Mlaka Maliro and many other Malawian artists. He has produced and promoted many upcoming artists like one of his friend Andrew Matrauza who shot to stardom with the song Musadabwe. , 's style of music resembles Zimbabwean mbira music because he is a sena, a southern Malawian tribe that has a common ancestry.
Joseph Tembo is famous for his songs Dimingu, We are the Champion, Mbudye, Samalila.
Watch the video Samalila by Joseph Tembo

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