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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sally Nyundo:News, Discography,Video,Information

SALLY NYUNDO was born Bernard Sally Nyundo on 7th October 1976. He started out in 1994 with Imagez Band. He’s recorded great songs like Chule Chule, Namwali, Kukuchedwa Kucha to mention a few. His music career gained recognition in 2000 when he joined the House Of Lions which won the first Malawian Music Award ‘Malawi Gin Music Trophy’. Later in the same year he recorded his first solo album ‘NYIMBO’ of which one of the songs, Rasi Amadya Nzimbe (Rastas Eat Sugarcane), became a national anthem and a positive boon for the Rasta community. It was also voted the Best Video by the first Television Malawi music video show.

His music is timeless and has led to Sally’s recognition as one of Malawi’s best reggae artists . In 2003 Sally recorded his 2nd Album ‘BIMBI OVERSTANDING’ which led to sponsorship from the French Cultural Centre to visit Reunion Island to work with a
local reggae band Rouge Reggae and resulted in a performance alongside the famous Jamaican group Israel Vibrations. While there, he landed a recording deal with Zonne Records where in 2005 he recorded his 3rd Album ‘NYASA REGGAE REVOLUTION’.

Nyundo, the actor

Under the umbrella of Nanzikhambe, Sally has acted in many plays. one of them,
African Macbeth. Set in an election year, this is an explosive mix of witchcraft, civil war and political ambition in modern day Africa. Ben Michael, Sally Nyundo and Sam Katimba play the witches, using their unique mix of traditional music and reggae to create a dark, frightening background of tradition, superstition and supernatural happenings.

On th picture above: Sam Katimba, Ben Michael and Sally Nyundo playing the witches.

Sally Nyundo's Discography:
Namwali (1999) ( With Diwa)
Nyimbo (2001)
Bimbi Overstanding (2003)
Nyasa Reggae Revolution (2005)
Usadandaule Malawi (2008)

Most popular songs Chipako, Ras Amadya Nzimbe, Kukuchedwa kucha, Silila.
Video of Chipako (Copyrights JandD Records)

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