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Friday, June 6, 2008

Jerome Kalilani, Real Elements:News,Discography,Video,Information

The return of local hip-hop icon (Daily times)
16:44:32 - 13 June 2008

From Stix to David, that is how Jerome Kalilani has redefined his life, shifting from the fancy hip-hop lyrics to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

He was called Stix. Now gospel hip-hop is his new game, he has changed his name to David.

After so much tongue twisting as a hip-hop artist, from the early days he starred for the pioneering local hip-hop group the Real Elements in the late 90s, David’s lyrics are now filled with the Holy Spirit, occasionally reminding his fellow MCs of his new identity.

Probably inspired by biblical David -- the youngest son of Jesse, handpicked by God, anointed by Samuel, and became Israel's second, and greatest king – the hip-hop star is breathing the gospel of Jesus Christ and spitting the mightiness of God.

In ‘Exodus Part Two’— the song in the compilation Spirit Filled Spit Kickaz -- he declares: “I am not Stix anymore I am David.” Although the song is an insight of his newly found happiness in Jesus Christ, ‘Resurrection’ -- a song from his forthcoming album HeartCore Music -- justifies his change of name:

“I’m not Mase don’t welcome me back/Dearly beloved my name is David/ I’ve been baptised this is the resurrection.”

After accepting Jesus Christ as his saviour, David’s expectations from his fellow MCs is engraved in the potential young men have to influence the behaviour of the youth and be leaders.

“Tay-Grin what's going on cousin/ I hear you're blowing up right now your name is buzzin/ I pray you get saved and become born again and for Jesus Stand Up!/ We could go out in two by two's preaching Jesus,” David appeals to his cousin Tay-Grin real name Limbani Kalilani.

That is what his fans should expect from the lyricist, who – together with fellow MCs like KBG, Gino, Taritta, Chi-Netik and Grace Alumni – has added meaning to the genre most sought after and enjoyed by the youth.

After reflecting on his life, David saw the need to come closer to the youth and share with them the word of God.

“These days a lot of people are preaching a luke warm Gospel,” emphasises David, like the biblical David, his exaltation of the name of God is now his business.

“We are praying for impact and transform lives because we believe Jesus Christ has called us to do this,” he says.

He appeals to C.O.D.E and Dynamike in ‘Exodus Part Two:’

“Chatrock ‘This Little Light’ was a classic I've still got that album playing on my iPod/ Please God Dynamike drop a new album/ C.O.D.E. I watched Big Brother/ Don't become friends with the world my Brother/ You may become enemies with God my Brother/ They welcomed you home like a King/ I hope you didn't forget Jesus Christ is the King.”

David says that’s what his fans should expect.

The compilation will be released next month and it will be distributed freely while his forthcoming album will be in stores next year.

“The compilation will also be accompanied by a free DVD which includes testimonies of young people who have been saved and filled with the Holy Spirit,” he says.

The lyricist says the album aims to show that God has emotions and He is relational not a distant authority figure that stands far away.

David’s album HeartCore Music, is a product of team work. Robert Morel, Yosefe Banda and Taritta Kansichi and Eugene Moura are among those handling this album.

“My music will remind Malawi that this nation can impact the world,” he says.

David says he will be releasing one disc at a time. The first disc is an English album the second disc is a Chichewa album. The Chichewa album is titled Warm Heart Core Music.

Born on December 26, 1982, David linked up with the Real Elements in 1999.

The other members of the group were Marvel, Kimba (Plan B) and Q. The group pioneered local hip-hop with the release I came in 2000 and a follow-up album African Star in 2003.

The group traveled across Africa, promoting their act while ‘These Elements’ video made rotations on the local radio stations and Channel O.

While working on their third album T.O.S (The Other Side) the members of the group got busy with private projects and the album was not released.

Kimba is now living in the United Kingdom, Marvel is in the United States and Q is now based in Lilongwe.

Watch These Elements by Stix (David) with Real Elements

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