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Sunday, June 29, 2008

JOE GWALADI Music, Videos, Bio, News

Joe Gwaladi is a musician who was born in Malawi. Since his childhood, he liked playing handmade musical instruments. Joe Gwaladi is famous for songs like Ndianafa Bulu, Nkhope Ya Chilembwe, and Zakanika. On an interview with TV Malawi’s Wellington Kuntaja on Sweeney Chimkango’s produced Face to Face, Gwaladi admits having formeda an accompanying band called "Kupata Kwa Ana". Gwaladi's talent has been recognized by many because of his consistent style of music that is very traditional and very streets-singer-like.
He has also been labeled controversial due to his songs tackling issues considered taboo in Malawian culture. For example in Ndinafa Bulu, Gwaladi wonders why the authorities arrest women who abbandon their babies after birth while they are not bothered by someone who throws a condom after sex, because according to him it comes up to the same thing in the end; the loss of life.
Joe Gwaladi has achieved great internet success from videos posted on Youtube which features him with dancers both old and young, dancing without any reservations.

Though Joe Gwaladi’s videos have been described by some as unprofessional and even sometimes encouraging what the song discourages, the message is always very powerful. Gwaladi talks about AIDS, poverty and many other social issues affecting Malawians. Joe Gwaladi has collaborated with the following musicians on many levels(Producion,Concerts,Promotion):
Evence Meleka, Joseph 'Dimingu' Tembo, Saul Chembezi, Thomas Chibade (Mr A.E.I.O.U), and Maliseni aka Annie Matumbi.

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