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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Andrew Matrauza:News,Discography,Video,Information

Who does not know Andrew Matrauza. His first album, Musadabwe was on top of Malawian charts soon after the realease. The song which is appropriately a wedding song describes the Malawian marriage arrangement from the groom's point of view. Musadabwe was arranged and produced by the Malawian music maestro Joseph Tembo. Andrew Matrauza release a DVD containing Musadabwe and other songs in 2007. Apart from collaborating with Tembo, he has also worked with Evence Meleka,Saul Chembezi, Thomas Chibade, Joe Gwaladi and Annie Matumbi.

Watch the video of Musadabwe by Andrew Matrauza,noteworthy is Tembo's presence in the video.

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