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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Chakuchanya Harawa:News,Discography,Video,Information

Chakuchanya Harawa from
Chakuchanya Harawa
Chakuchanya Harawa
I first stood in front of a studio mic when I was twelve, playing a small acting role in a programme called Theatre of the Air back home in Malawi.

A few years later I became a regular on the show and then I got a lead role on another popular weekly radio soap.

I presented my first radio show on a college FM station, I was studying communications. My broadcast career took off after I graduated with a short stint at an FM station before I got a break on national radio.

Once, during a "midnight to dawn" shift I fell asleep on air. There were seventeen minutes of silence before I was woken up by the DJ coming to start the next shift!

I am also a singer and recording artist. My music is an attempt to fuse the Malawian traditional sound with Western elements; at the moment, I'm working on a project with a reggae flavour for 2007.

At college I sang and played guitar in a band called "Chaku and the Afro-Praise Band" and on a recent visit to Malawi, I was surprised that my music still enjoys considerable airplay.

Many thanks to Malawian DJs!

What inspires you?

My mother in Malawi. She has always inspired me. I speak to her regularly on the phone.

Your choice of tune for a Saturday night?

Anything which has the guitar sound of the great Carlos Santana.

Your choice of tune for a Sunday morning?

Anything by the gospel reggae band "Christafari"

Your favourite African novel?

Black Skin, White Masks by Frantz Fanon

What is your signature dish?

Nsima (cooked maize meal) with pumpkin leaves and Chambo fish (Chambo is a species of the tilapia family). Ever heard the saying "you have not visited Malawi if you have not tasted Chambo?" Try it next time you are there.

what drink would you have with it?


What makes you angry?

Angry? I never get angry because anger has unpleasant effects. It makes you the victim. But double standards and betrayal annoy me.

Why do you love Africa?

Africa is Zion.

What depresses you about Africa?

Political systems that never seem to get us anywhere.

What do you always bring back from a trip home?

Sweet memories.

Finally..your proverb or Last Word?


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